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  1. RCN28200
    • member
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    Levels look beautiful, but horrible to play through.

    You really need to gate your players better. Encouraging exploration is good and all but suddenly discovering a place where you didn't bother to put floor collision and get hard-coded inst-death really kills my inquisitive spirit.
  2. PradaLoci
    • member
    • 14 posts
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    Is there a compatability list anywhere for this mod? Got the common issue being stuck in Control Room on first entry, presume it's a compatability issue with some other popular mod but I aint found which one yet. Tried knobing around with console but big mace guy just has default responces.

    Anyone else stuck on this part what other big mods do you have? LotD? RoB? I canne uninstall either coz befezda sayves r gud /

    Bare dissapointed tbh was peaked for this. Greenskins got into my saves again.
    1. DarthVitrial
      • supporter
      • 855 posts
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      that bug seems to happen most often if you didn't let Llavados finish all his dialog before entering that room.
    2. PradaLoci
      • member
      • 14 posts
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      Thank you so much, this helped me troubleshoot the issue.

      For other with the Control Room issue
      When you first get to the lift at the end of the mine, Llavados says somethign about "Here's the old lift". The subtitles stay on screen indefinatly until you use the lift, this break the quest.
      If you save the game after he's audably finished talking about the "old lift" then reload from that save, you can progress and Llavados will continue talking after entering the main bit and turning into a FRF.

      Atleast that worked for me, it seems Llavados gets stuck talking about the lift and a quick save-reload gets him going again.
    3. DarthVitrial
      • supporter
      • 855 posts
      • 11 kudos
      I'll make a note to look into the reason at some point for the unofficial patch.
  3. Nerevarik
    • member
    • 16 posts
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    (Possible spoilers!) So i can operate the upgate by myself now, but to do it I need to place destination paper or something into a barrel, where do I find the destination papers? Also I outriddled th tram guy but cannot enter the tram now! It says "you have boarded the tram" and then teleports me outside!
  4. trogers000
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    Great Mod TrainWiz - enjoying it very much so far - puzzles and all!

    Am having a bit of a problem - game freezes when I leave the first square of the laboratory bedroom. I've tried using console sqs and setstage commands. Moved the mod to the bottom of the load order using vortex lock index on the plug-ins page. But it keeps freezing in the same spot.

    Any suggestions?

  5. Grungehog
    • member
    • 601 posts
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    So much 90's video game nostalgia playing this mod
    Well done Trainwiz

    If some of you play as the Predator from roland113's mod predator the lost tribes and you find it strange that you can't wear the equipment from wheels of lull, then head on over to my patches page
    the magnusian visor is not patched however as the predators have really big heads and I haven't made a new mesh to fit

    without further ado:

    Thanks trainwiz for your fun mod
  6. gooddaycitizen12
    • supporter
    • 121 posts
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    really, this mod is amazing

    If I could endorse more I would,

    Major thumbs up!!!
  7. TankDempsy188
    • member
    • 130 posts
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    Can't get this mod to start. Can't even find the guy in the console using help "his name".

    I've installed this and its unofficial patch. The light doesn't show up at the lake either and I have no mods that touch even anywhere near there. Looks like I missed out on a great mod. If anyone knows a fix, let me know, please. Thank you.
  8. Aurihazuma
    • premium
    • 145 posts
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    Salutations everybody,

    Just to let those know who have had the problem.. I have been at the point of installing the triangulation pegs and then speaking with the Analyst. Nothing I could find or try fixed the infinite whacking problem.. then I noticed a different whack and spark at the top of the pole.. I decided to TCL from the console and try it.. I whacked at the very top of the pole and it worked... rather instantly as well.. and mind you.. I had been whacking almost 100 times.. tried different ordering of the quest peg.., tried consoling my way through.. nothing worked until I TCLd and hit the top of the pole.. FYI... and please do fix the problem...

    I love this mod and it is a part of every playthrough... This problem has persisted for a long time..


    1. trainwiz
      • member
      • 1,693 posts
      • 809 kudos
      That's not a bug, you're just whacking the analyst instead of the peg.
  9. KingSwampert
    • member
    • 35 posts
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    I've actually had this mod installed for over a year now and I still can't get it to actually...start. I'm aware of the glowing plant at the fort and I have found it before. However nothing i do spawns the elf that starts the quest. I can add him using the console, but all that does is cause him to deliver lines of voiceless diolauge, and it doesnt start the quest. Something else I noticed was that when I used the additem menu mod to see if anything else was wrong, a few of the armors and items simply dont have textures. I'm not sure exactly why this mod doesnt work for me. I have no mods that alter the major areas that the this mod takes us to. The only other thing I can think of is the Legacy of The Dragonborn mod, which has a Wheels of Lull plugin, but that's about it. Please, if anyone knows a way to get this mod started I would appreciate it greatly.
    1. partariothegoth
      • member
      • 43 posts
      • 1 kudos
      if textures are missing, maybe the download was corrupted? Also, it seems you cna go to Fort Neugard and use the light there to summon him. I have the legacy of the dragonborn installed as well so I can confirm they work together.
  10. Osias192
    • member
    • 17 posts
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    Hello, just another person stuck on Deep Down.
    The quest refuses to update for me past stage 21, no matter what I try.
    pulling levers in different orders
    No companions.
    redoing it multiple times before I go into the mine (a save from before I start the quest doesn't exist).
    Even tried to force it along with console commands, doesn't seem to have an effect

    Another point to mention is that the subtitles for lluvious...(however the guy you are carrying's name is spelled) never disppear, or at least haven't yet after waiting several minutes.
    And after using the next lift after that he starts his dialogue like he skipped to the middle of conversation. saying something about "that's why we use them for security" without ever covering who "them" are.
    He also says nothing in the circular room before this with the two lifts behind red glass panels, where it feels like he should (first time using this mod, so I don't know if he should or shouldn't be talking here.)

    any help would be greatly appreciated.