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Add the Followers 5 people stand-alone.
DLC of Dragonborn is required.
All five people became Japanese custom voice.

Permissions and credits
Add the Followers 5 people stand-alone.
DLC of Dragonborn is required.
All five people became Japanese custom voice!

When updating from old Ver to Ver3.1, uninstall the old Version and save it, then install the new Version.
Sorry.The custom voice version will correspond only to Japanese.
It is because I can not translate subtitles well.
Please contact me if there is a person who translates.

  Essential attributes
  Perk:Archery, Sneak
  Location:The Drunken Huntsman of Whiterun
  Voice Actor:久瀬優祈 様
  She is a hunter skilled in handling the bow.
  In fighting style that specializes in fire support, it has been in possession of a unique weapon of the bow.
  During battle Shout will recover the ally stamina.
  She can also purchase foods and meals, mainly meat.

  Essential attributes
  Perk:One-handed (Dual wielding), Block, Light Armor, Sneak
  Location:Candlehearth Hall of Windhelm
  Voice Actor:松永みとせ 様
  He is a strong Ninja that has absorbed the power of the Dragon.
  has possession of the unique weapon of the KATANA and original color armor.
  He is the best at high speed battle with dual wielding, and fights with two shouts of self-reinforcement and self healing.

  Essential attributes
  Perk:One-handed, Heavy Armor, Destruction, Sneak
  Location:Castle Dour of Solitude
  Voice Actor:透乃依子 様
  She is Holy knight of the Imperial Army to manipulate the sword and ice magic freely.
  Brandishing a sword in the right hand, it is the spell Sword used properly its own ice magic two in the left hand.
  At power attack, the pursuit by the ice storm that suppresses power and range is generated.

  Essential attributes
  Perk:One-handed (Dual wielding), Archery, Light Armor, Sneak, Lockpicking 
  Location:Dragonsreach Dungeon of Whiterun
  Voice Actor:加川らん 様
  She is The dagger of dual wielding adept, is a thief that can also handle some of the bow.
  Combat power is not high up there, but will support your adventure in the sales of potion, poison and food.
  A Thieves Guild and the connection to her sale of stolen goods is also possible.

  Essential attributes
  Perk:Two-handed, Block, Heavy Armor, Sneak
  Location:Temple of the Divines of Solitude
  Voice Actor:Full-Go-Ri 様
  It is a black knight who is durable in heavy ebony armor and boasts durability like a fortress.
  His armor is highly defensive and has strong resistance to attribute attacks.
  When physical strength falls, we will show persistent battle using shout which automatically restores physical strength for a certain period of time.

Special Thanks--------------------------------

Voice actor
 透乃依子 様
 松永みとせ 様
 久瀬優祈 様
 加川らん 様
 Full-Go-Ri 様

Lecture & Advice
 okame28 様

Enhanced Character Edit by ECE team
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE by Groovtama 
Unmasked Faces - no green detailmaps for complexion and necks - by AltheaR
Mikan Eyes by nerune 
Kijiko Hair by Kijiko and Goldiocks
Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles by Chris57 and FavoredSoul 
Smooth Male Body - textures for Better Males - SOS Schlongs of Skyrim by urshi
El Men's Underwear by Elza
UNP BLESSED BODY- UNPB REDUX PROJECT by Blessed Redux Project team
KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky 
Girl of the Innocence by Lumina 
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch by Unofficial Patch Project Team 
Fair Men Rtexture by RomeoZero aka alpharomeo
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
Ghosus Weapon Pack by Ghosu
Reshaped Ebony Armor by Nesusan
Ancient Blades Weapons by COTS