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This mod will add 36 new marriage candidates to the game, half who are female and half who are male. Some of these new NPC are guards, faction members, or just commoners. Includes a couple Khajit, Wood Elf, and High Elf NPC which are not offered in vanilla game.

Permissions and credits
Dominion's More Potential Marriage Candidates

by Arron Dominion

Original Description:

I thought the marriage options were not the best, and missed the variety that it could of had. This mod attempts to add more variety in your choices, trying to be as lore-friendly and realistic as possible. 36 new NPC have appeared in various inns, towns, cities, and even an orc stronghold, who are all marriage candidates. Some of these NPC function as city guards, some of them are members of Bards College/Thieves Guild/College of Winterhold/Companions/Dark Brotherhood.

None of them require favors to marry.

Here is a list of locations with the new NPC:
Chalan Hamk – Redguard female city guard.
Fedura Nothra – Dark elf female commoner.
Kaylort Seylort – Redguard male sailor near docks.
Molleen Thaarm – High elf male Thalmor Justiciar.
Shabo Sha’gril – Orc female who is a new member of Bards College, taking break from studies in Dragon Bridge occasionally.
Tsabhi Smikha – Khajit female who is a member of Bards College, taking break from studies in Morthal occasionally.

Aralin Boindo – Dark Elf female in Dark Brotherhood, will be hiding in Solitude Catacombs until Dark Brotherhood quest line is finished.
Frande Gersa – Breton male city guard.
Oleeme Kniffme – Argonian male in Dark Brotherhood, will be hanging out near the Abandoned Shack until Dark Brotherhood quest line is finished.

Dangont Belgot – Wood elf male city guard.
Dondre Scoors – Wood elf female commoner.

Audania Perci – Imperial female who is a courier between the inn and the keep.
Rostei Justei – Nord female city guard.
Staron Keel – Redguard male city guard.

Baadar Sweef – Khajit male who is a member of Thieves Guild in Riften.
Dalamus Grelas – Dark elf male city guard.
Kaassi Stees – Khajit female who is a member of Thieves Guild in Riften.
Uramil Nobrik – Orc female noble attempting to find faith in the Divines.

Eindrel Swi – Wood elf female who is a member of Companions in Whiterun.
Jolda Trollsing – Redguard female who is a member of Companions in Whiterun.
Thaer Faer – Wood elf male city guard.

Beektan Maj-si – Argonian female in the Argonian Assemblage, who has a strong affinity for magic.
Braste Bearom – Nord female city guard.
Fjolfr Gordfr – Nord male city guard.
Holmge Cowre – Nord female inn cook.
Julan Hun-se – Argonian male in the Argonian Assemblage, has a moral duty to patrol the Assemblage.

Bugdul Na-hul – Orc male guard patrolling between mine and longhouse.

Fistir Maj – High elf female who is a member of College of Winterhold.
Pilpenar Leersc – Imperial male city guard.
Shatan Majan – Argonian female who is a member of College of Winterhold.

Hulgar Ironti – Nord male city guard.

Haaki Yersik – Nord male hunter.

Nightgate Inn:
Maggothe Theram – Dark elf male traveling mage scholar.

Lielle Brac – Breton female commoner.

Koffutto Ru’bluk – Orc male serving as contact between nearby Orc stronghold and Ivarstead.

Drynjo Threis – Nord male guard wannabe.

What is added:
-36 new marriage candidates
-Attempts to make each new addition realistic to the location they are at.

Change Log:

- Initial Release
- Fixed CTD related to NPCs placement. 
- All NPCs are now moved via script. Will want a clean save if any are stewards, followers, or spouses. 
- Fixed NPC levels not being set on all NPCs 
- Guard NPCs now level with the player consistently 
- All NPCs now have a combat style set 
- NPC will do their scheduled routines consistently now 
- Fedura Nothra no longer believe there are 26 hours in a 24 hour day. 
- Kniffme and Boindo no longer go to the torture room for eating if at the Dawnstar Sanctuary. 
- Added additional Factions to NPC based off what their role and routines are.
- Fixed Crime Reporting Factions on several NPCs.

Known Quirks:
-Khajit male sounds like Argonian, Khajit female sounds like default nord female, High elf and Wood elf male sound like Dark elf male. Reason is that Bethesda did not include marriage voice sets for these races.

-Tamreil Rebuilt - NPC name generator
-Scott Holmes - 04 - Motivational - http://freemusicarchive.org/genre/Instrumental/

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