Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

High poly appearance overhauls for 125 NPCs. Strapping men in every tavern, seldom-modified minor NPCs, the opening scene cart ride total overhaul that no one asked for, and more!

Permissions and credits
Provides unique, vanilla-friendly, high poly appearance overhauls for 125 male and female NPCs (and two werewolves), mostly in Vanilla Skyrim but there are a few in Hearthfire, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn. I started replacing NPCs where I had an idea in my head for what they could look like, and originally this was going to be maybe twenty-five or so of my favorite NPCs, but things got out of hand. There are many NPC replacers out there of course; maybe you don't need another one, or maybe there's a little something in this one you'd like to try. :)

  • Mod is self-contained; no additional appearance mods required
  • Works with whatever skin and body mods you have installed
  • All NPC edits are documented in the readme file; the minor outfit changes included in this mod are mostly removing hats and hoods and all use vanilla assets and paths for compatibility
  • You can select a human or vampire look for Serana
  • Main file and patches are ESP-FE/ESL-flagged with USSEP changes forwarded

Seeing Aela's custom werewolf form requires a new save game, but it is fine to update or start using the mod mid-game. You just won't see the new werewolf form is all because it is assigned to her via a quest property that as far as I can tell gets "baked in" to the save.

NPCs included (also listed in ReadMe and screenshots): Acolyte Jenssen, Adelasia Vendicci, Aela the Huntress, Aerin, Alfhild Battle-Born, Alva, Angi, Anuriel, Aranea, Argis the Bulwark, Arivanya, Arnbjorn, Aslfur, Astrid, Athis, Avulstein Gray-Mane, Beleval, Belrand, Bergritte Battle-Born, Brelyna Maryon, Bolgeir Bearclaw, Brand-Shei, Brill, Brunwulf Free-Winter, Brynjolf, Calder, Camilla Valerius, Captain Aldis, Captain Lonely-Gale, Cicero, Commander Caius, Constance Michel, Danica Pure-Spring, Delacourt, Delphine, Dervenin, Dirge, Edda, Elisif the Fair, Eisa Blackthorn, Eorlund Gray-Mane, Erandur, Faendal, Falk Fire-Beard, Farkas, Fastred, Frea, Frightened Woman, Fultheim, General Tullius, Gerdur, Giraud Gemane, Gorm, Gregor, Grelka, Grelod the Kind, Greta, Hadvar, Haelga, Hulda, Idgrod Ravencrone, Idgrod the Younger, Illia, Ingun Black-Briar, Iona, Irileth, Jenassa, Jordis the Sword-Maiden, Karita the Pilgrim, Karliah, Klimmek, Kodlak Whitemane, Korir, Lillith Maiden-Loom, Listette, Lokir, Lord Harkon, Lucan Valerius, Lydia, Malborn, Malur Seloth, Marcurio, Maul, Maven Black-Briar, Mercer Frey, Mikael, Mjoll the Lioness, Nazeem, Nivenor, Njada Stonearm, Olfrid Battle-Born, Orgnar, Pelagius the Mad, Ralof, Rayya, Ria, Rorlund, Rune, Saadia, Sapphire, Septimus Signus, Serana, Sheogoroth, Silda the Unseen, Silvia, Skjor, Sven, Sybille Stentor, Taarie, Talsgar the Wanderer, Thaena, Thorald Gray-Mane, Tilma the Haggard, Tonilia, Torvar, Ulfric Stormcloak, Unmid Snow-Shod, Uthgerd the Unbroken, Valdimar, Valerica, Vekel the Man, Vex, Vignar Gray-Mane, Vilkas, Vorstag

Mixing and matching replacers? Sometimes you can let one or the other overwrite without issues. That said, technically replacers are not compatible if they edit the same NPC record. If you get face discolorations, or just prefer to do without a particular NPC in this mod, you'll need to remove the conflicting NPC record and facegen files yourself (the readme has the actor IDs listed with the NPC name for easy reference), or use something like Easy NPC. This is a big mod, but I left the files loose to support individual customization & preferences.

Patches available for
AI Overhaul SSE
Catir Club - The Contest 
Cutting Room Floor
Cheesemod for Everyone
Do As You Say Redux 
Faendal's House Redone
Guards Armor Replacer
Immersive College of Winterhold
Improved Follower Dialogue - Lydia
Opening Scene Overhaul + Opening Scene Overhaul Patch
Opulent Thieves Guild
Tamrielic Distribution

You are welcome to make & upload patches of your own. I've included some very rough instructions on how to make patches yourself in SSEedit in an article. It's just not possible for me to support every mod and combination of mods out there given the size of this replacer and variability in people's load orders.

Mods for the exact look in the screenshots
Tempered Skins for Males (Elder D2, Harsh E2 options)
Tempered Skins for Females (Elder E2, Rougher D2 options)
Re-Engaged ENB Obsidian
Bosmer Have Antlers (no antlers are included with this mod)
Various armor and clothing mods - I highly recommend playing dress-up your NPCs with these and SPID :) Notably Rustic Clothing, aMidianborn armors, IconicDeath's armors, gearshout's armors, 4thUnknown's armors with patches by Xtudo, Wayfarer's Coat, Travel Robes, Maiden Dresses of Norway, Bruma clothing, Lind's Robe retextures, Lowered Hoods, Twilight Princess, East Empire Company Armor, Creation Club content, and probably a few more.