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A compact player home with an auto-sort system for most items, auto-access for all crafting stations, teleportation to and from, and displays for many of the game's unique items.

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  • German
New Update: v1.2.1
Please review the change log before updating!

A small update to address a handful of bugs that have been reported.

Also, with this version, NMM should properly indicate when there's been an update to the mod.

The Hoarder's Chest

The Hoarder's Chest is a compact player home located inside of an enchanted chest. The home includes labeled storage for most things in the game, an auto-sort system, display space for several of the game's unique items, a full suite of crafting stations, and dozens of mannequins and weapon racks.

-----Main Features------
  • Teleportation Spell which grants access to the chest from anywhere.  Exiting the chest will return you to your previous location.
  • Note: By default, you cannot teleport while in combat. This can be changed by activating the knife on the desk in the bedroom.
  • An auto sorting system, with a sort-all button near the entry point.
  • Note: Sort-All categories can be enable or disabled by activating the book on the desk in the bedroom.
    Note: The sort-all system and display systems will remove quest items from your inventory.  Please be aware of this.  They appear to always display at the top of their respective storage containers.
  • Crafting Stations:
    • Blacksmith's Forge
    • Workbench
    • Grindstone
    • Smelter
    • Tanning Rack
    • Cooking
    • Alchemy
    • Enchanting
    • Staff Enchanter
    • Note: Each crafting stand will auto-access the associated storage when crafting.
  • Display for:
    • Daedric Artifacts
    • Dragon Priest Masks
    • Dragonborn Masks
    • Black Books
    • Dragon Claws
    • Paragons
    • Elder Scrolls
    • Bugs in Jars
  • Auto-Sort storage for:
    • Ores / Dwemer smeltables
    • Ingots
    • Leathers
    • Dragon Mats.
    • Misc. Smithing Mats.
    • All foods, wines, and raw meats (single storage for all three)
    • Alchemy Ingredients
    • Alchemy Recipes
    • Empty Soul Gems
    • Filled Soul Gems
    • Scrolls
    • Books
    • Journals
    • Notes
    • Arrows
    • Bolts
    • Heart Stones
    • Gemstones
  • Semi-Automatic Storage for:
    • Each Weapon Type (Separate storage for enchanted and unenchanted)
    • Each Armor Type (Separate storage for enchanted and unenchanted)
    • Note: To use, place any weapons and armor you want to sort into the chest located underneath the sort-all button, and activate the sorting button located next to it.
  • Manual Storage for:
    • Potions
    • Poisons
    • Keys
    • Firewood
  • Wood Chopping Block
  • 30 Planters (+4 additional planters if you turn off the ferns)
  • 40 Weapon racks (eight sets of five)
  • 23 Weapon/Shield Plaques
  • 28 Mannequins
  • Full set of Shrines to the Divines
  • Turn the decorative ferns off and plant alchemy ingredients in their place
  • Note: To enable and disable ferns, activate the fern on the desk in the bedroom.

-----Finding the Chest------
    The Hoarder's Chest is located in a small, unmarked cave near Ilinalta's Deep.  Be careful, the chest is being guarded.

    Option 1:  Download an install the mod with the Nexus Mod Manager
    Option 2:  Download the mod manually and extract HoardersChest.esp and HoardersChest.bsp to your Skyrim Special Edition's Data folder.

-----Other Languages-----
There is now a German translation of The Hoarder's Chest, courtesy of TheVamp07.  If you'd like to use this version you can find it Here: The Hoarder's Chest DV

-----Extra Displays-----
The Extra Displays optional file adds 22 mannequins, 40 weapon racks, and 16 shield/weapon plaques to The Chest.   This mod converts the current mannequin display area into a mini-museum.  It is a little cramped, but still perfectly usable.
1. Remove all items from mannequins in the main mannequin display area.  (Mannequins at the walls should be fine.) 
2. Exit the Hoarder's Chest and the Hoarder's Chest Cave.  I would leave the area around the cave completely.  
3. Download and active the optional file
4. In your load order, make sure that HoardersChestExtraDisplays.esp loads after HoardersChest.esp

1.Remove all items and weapons from all weapon racks, mannequins, and shield/weapon plaques in the central display area.
(Mannequins, weapon racks, and shield/weapon plaques on the walls should be fine.)
2.Exit the Hoarder's Chest.  (Same as with installation, leave the area)
3.Deactivate the Extra Displays mod.

NOTE: Please be aware that the auto-sort function will not work with any mods which modify the default ID's for any of the sorted items, or which replace them with different versions.  It also will not work for any items added by other mods.  This limitation is based on the decision to not use SKSE in order to allow the mod to be usable on all platforms.  I apologize if this is an issue for you.  If there is a mod multiple people would like to see incorporated into the auto-sort system, I will do my best to see that it is added in.