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Script-Free Screenshot Tool

This is a collection of batch (.txt) files for screenshots! There are several files for different scenarios in which you would want to take a screenshot. 
A file explaining the different files and what they do is included in the zip file. This is not a new thing. Bat files can be used to run any string of commands, but we thought we would make it easy for taking screenshots.


TO INSTALL: Open the zip file, and drop all five .txt files in your Skyrim Data folder.

TO USE: Once you're in Skyrim and you wish to take a screenshot, decide which batch file (.txt) is appropriate (SEE FILE DESCRIPTIONS BELOW)
     Open the console with tilde (~) and type "bat txt" replacing "txt" with the name of the preset w/o the txt extension.
     EXAMPLE: To use pic1 (basic screenshot) open the console and type "bat pic1" The console will "disappear" on account of the tm (toggle menu)
                             command. Press the tilde key again. You will be able to move the camera around and take your screenshot.
                             When finished, open the console by pressing tilde. Then hit the up arrow once, and press ENTER. All will be returned to normal.

NOTE: bat pic4a has special instructions to return to normal. To return to normal, open the "invisible" console and type "bat 4picb" and hit ENTER.


These descriptions are included in a txt file bundled with the batch files.

Type ~ to open the console, then type one of the commands below, then enter to start the camera.

Take Screenshot with F12 (Steam) or with F10 (Fraps or other 3rd party software).

If you use an ENB, press Print Screen to take a high quality screenshot with ENB effects.

When finished with the screenshot, type the ~ key again (the HUD will be hidden at this point). Then type either the same command or the "b" command when necessary, and press enter.

Retype the same command to go back to normal:

bat pic1 - tm, tfc - Basic screenshots, normal speed, everything still moving

bat pic2 - tm, tfc 1 - Basic screenshots, normal speed, everything around freezes

bat pic3 - tm, tfc 1, sucsm 2 - Slower camera movement for all screenshots

#a to start camera, #b to go back to normal:

bat pic4a - tm, tfc 1, sucsm 2, fov 10 - Good for close-up screenshots of character

bat pic4b - tm, tfc 1, sucsm 2, fov 0 - Makes 4a go back to normal

bat pic5a - tm, tfc, sucsm 2, fov 10, sgtm 0.3 - Same as pic4a, but slow motion instead of frozen time.
bat pic5b - tm, tfc , sucsm 2, fov 0, sgtm 1 - NOT FOR SCREENSHOTS. Makes 5a go back to normal.

If you are confused or have any questions or issues, please leave a post. Me or Ron will get back to you ASAP.

For Tips and Tricks on taking Screenshots, check out our other mod at Screenshot Tips And Tricks.

Credit goes to screaminseahawk for creating the batch files.

If you make your own bat file or edit one of these, feel free to upload it! And feel free to upload the screenshots you take with these tools!