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Changes Skyrim's displayed armour rating to a true, percentage-based one, as in Oblivion.

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I've never liked how Skyrim (and many other modern games) throw huge numbers in your face when it comes to armour rating. Skyrim uses Damage Resistance for its armour, meaning a certain percent gets directly subtracted from all physical damage you take. The issue is that people who don't know the armour formula by heart won't actually know how much a certain armour protects them - and those who do are constantly forced to do mental calculus (or use player.getav damageresist).

So, I decided to change the displayed armour rating to resemble Oblivion's, where one point of armour reduces incoming damage by 1% (instead of 0.12%, like in Skyrim). In vanilla Skyrim, you'll block 80% of damage at the armour cap of 567. In True Armour Rating, you'll block 80% of damage at the armour cap of 80. The progression is nearly identical (apart from a few changes noted below), but you'll have a much easier time seeing the effect your armour has.

To make this possible, I had to disable the hidden armour rating. For those who don't know; Skyrim adds an extra (invisible) 3% Damage Reduction per piece of armour worn. In order to make the armour rating accurately reflect the amount of damage blocked, it had to be disabled.

In vanilla Skyrim, NPCs have about 1.5x more base armour rating you have. I felt this was unfair, and so changed the armour rating formula for NPCs to be identical to the player's. This is personal taste, though, and I could upload a version without this change if requested.


Just drop the contents into your data folder and activate through your favourite mod manager. Same goes for uninstallation, but in reverse.


Compatible with anything that doesn't change any of the following game settings; fArmorRatingBase, fArmorRatingMax, fArmorBaseFactor, fArmorScalingFactor, fArmorRatingPCMax, fArmorRatingPCBase. Note that this does not include fMaxArmorRating - meaning it won't conflict with anything that changes your armour cap.
On a minor note; mage's flesh spells are more powerful now, as they don't quite function like armour. Oakflesh gives you a 40 point increase to armour rating, for example. In vanilla Skyrim, that would be worth hardly anything. Now, however, it is equivalent to 40% Damage Reduction. Keep in mind certain mod-added items that increase armour rating by a fixed (as opposed to scaled) amount might be overpowered with this installed.
On a final note; if any xEdit or CK-savvy folks have issues with fixed armour ratings added by mods being too high with this installed, multiply said armour rating by 0.14109, then round up or down to the nearest integer, and you'll get (more or less) the vanilla AR's equivalent by this mod's standards.


The author of You Get What You See for LE. The mod was deleted years ago, but it served as the inspiration for True AR.