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This mod adds new magical items, or changes how in game items work.

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Hey there everyone it's Mister B again. Now that I have gotten Unique Loot where I want it to be, I was thinking that all new magical items I create at this point will be apart of a second mod.  This mod is pretty much just to introduce new magical items into the game, or to modify Magical items allready in tamriel.

Here's what you can expect :
The Aurbis Wheel
The Aurbis Wheel is a strange and mysterious piece of dwemer construction. It's name implies references to the Magna Ge. But what it was originally intended for, one cannot say. However its design implies that it is just one piece of a greater whole, could it be a part of some greater construct?
  • Rumored Abilities: Fortified Stamina, Resist Shock, Improved Block
  • Reported Location: Warquarters of BlackReach.

Storm Fang is the weapon of Ulfgar the Uneding, who was on a quest to find Sovngard. It is rumored that the group of four adventurer's were betrayed by one of their own at Brodir's Grove. And the pillars which stand there, are the remains of those great heroes.
  • Rumored Abilities: Conjure a powerful Storm Atronach, Shock Damage, and Increased Stamina Regen.
  • Reported Location: Somewhere in Solsthiem. (Brodir's Grove)

Fists of Malacath
One of Malacath's most prized possessions, he kept it at an altar with his favored Orc Tribe. Theses Orc made gauntlets just show just how cruel one can be in unarmed combat, as they improve the damage and power of unarmed combat.  However giants have recently taken over the sanctuary, and Malacath is displeased. Perhaps someone worthy, will take his gloves and use them to further the tribe.
  • Rumored Abilities: Increases the strength and ferocity of unarmed combat. 
  • Reported Location: Giants Grove, which can be found during the quest "The Cursed Tribe".

Master Rags of the Beggar.
Supposedly at one time, there was a man whose luck and charm, helped him become one of the most successful beggars in Cyrodil. However success and notoriety are not always a good thing, and it's said he moved to Skyrim to start over.
  • Rumored Abilities: Improves the Beggar's chances to  persuade others, and the ability to purloin money from the pockets of strangers.
  • Reported Location: Unknown

Courtesan's Necklace.
An imperial court wizard, once took favor upon a lady of elegance and grace. He loved her so much he created a magical item to help keep her from harm.
  • Rumored Abilities: Reduces damage inflicted as long as you are not wearing armor. 
  • Reported Location: Unknown

Minor Changes to in-game Magic Items
Amren's Sword. +3% to one handed skill when used.
Saarthal Amulet. All spells costs 5% less to cast.

Unique Items added to Leveled Lists.
Amulet of Precision.  This Amulet improves your visual acuity, and skill with Bows.
Archmage's Mantle.  Magicka flows more freely.
Artificer's Ring. The Artificer's Ring grants greater skill when it comes to crafting Enchantments.
Bronze Ring of Luck.  You feel an aura of confidence when you wear this ring.
Gherim's Ring.  Your skill in Smithing is greater.
Hero's Amulet. An ancient amulet embewed with the power of ancient heroes. The wielder is granted greater protection from harm, both physical and magical
Hero's Ring.  An ancient ring embewed with the power of ancient heroes. This ring fortifies your health and stamina in the heat of battle.
Hood of Shadows. The shadows seem to swallow you when worn.
Mantine Leather.  This piece of leather armor, has a powerful enchantment upon it that makes it as hard as steel.  Turning most blades and arrows away.
Padded Boots.  These Boots padd your footsteps making it easier for you to move silently.
Ring of Luck, Greater. You feel an aura of confidence when you wear this ring.
Ring of Might, Lesser. You feel strength flowing through your body, empowering your brute strength.
Ring of Might, Greater. You feel strength flowing through your body, empowering your brute strength.
Ring of Thievery.  These gloves fortify your skill with pick pockets and lock picking.
Skall Amulet.  This amulet is said to provide even more protection against the harsh cold weather.
Spirit of Wrath, Necklace.  The fury of Battle can overtake you.
Warriors Heart, Necklace. You are untouchable in the heat of battle.

Suggested Mods
AddItemMenu2 by Towawat.

Got an idea for a magical item you'd like put into the game?
I can only think of so much on my own, so if there are magical items you would like to see injected into skyrim, please let me know. Custom textures and meshes are something I do not know how to do, so I'm limited to vanilla assets.

Thanks & Credits
SRWO for his help in doing awesome texture & mesh work  that i just can't do myself. Thank Darkgondul for the idea, meshes and textures for a new sword for StormFang.