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This mod changes the effects and properties of Food , Drink, and increases the chances to find more salt and other items.

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This was originally an idea on old skyrim, but it had completely different effects t o make using food more wor thwhile. I was abig fan of the food system in the Lord of the Rings Online game. And Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul. But i wanted to bring my own  vision into skyrim.

The Magic of Food & Drink
This is a food and drink overhaul changes the effects of foods, so they work over time. Mostly effecting regeneration rate. The rengeration  bonus ranges from +5% to +20 % , and often ranges from 3 to 20 minutes based on how satisfying the item is. This mod also changes the prices of foods and drinks as well. Foods that provided cure disease, now just grant disease resistance. I've stayed away from granting instant healing with any food, in favor of a fortify for a short duration. The Instant healing i want to leave to the realm of potions and alchemy. 

With "Magic of Food & Drink" , you can only have 1 food and 1 drink effect active at a time. However debilitation effects from food, still last despite eating different foods or drinks. You'll just have to wait for them to finish their duration. 

Raw Foods - Eating raw foods (such as meat, butter, flour, and raw potatoes), has no benefit. Instead it Penalizes you.  
Veggies - Most veggies effect Stamina , while a rare few raise magicka regen rate. 
Meats - Most meats effect health , while some fish will adjust magicka or stamina rates. Meats no longer require salt!
Dairy- Most dairy will either effect health or magicka. 
Fruits - All fruits effect magicka, depending on how juicy they are. 
Treats - Treats will have various, but also multiple effects. 
Stews - Stews will have various and multiple effects. As well as a heal health over time on top of this. 
Meads - Have some unique effect, such as boosting unarmed damage or melee damage. 
Wine - Wine often effects stamina or magicka regen, and often depending on how unique, provide a third effect such as a form of resistance. Which 
has been scaled down to be no more powerful than 25%. 
Skooma - Skooma has been adjusted in price and the effects balanced against that. So skooma at the red water den is going to be really cheap stuff. 
While skooma in other locations, will be much more stronger and expensive. 

The Price of Food
Food has been doubled or even tripled depending on what it is. 

New Steak or Seasoned Meat Recipes!
I've added new recipes for all the raw meats, so you can make steaks or seasoned meats. They often use unique herbs, which are normally alchemical items in their recipes. 

Leg of Goat Roast, Seasoned. 
Horker Steak, Seasoned. 
Horse Steak, Seasoned. 
Mammoth Steak, Seasoned. 
Pheasant Roast, Seasoned. 
Rabbit Haunch, Spiced. 
Salmon Steak, Seasoned. 
Venison Steak, Seasoned. 

Just Skyrim SSE and the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

This mod will work with most need mods, that do not effect the traits of the foods and drinks found in skyrim.
Ineeds (Not compatible with the extended add-on).
Super Simple Needs . (Fully Compatible)

Load Order
Please make sure this mod is as low as possible on your load order, the auto-load order in the game will place this mod too high.