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Vicn for Glenmoril and Me for the conversion

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CBBE Bodyslide conversion for Glenmoril SE + High poly upgrade

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The bodyslide files I made for all of the wearable armors/clothes from Glenmoril. Outfits were converted from the original shape to a more form-fitting CBBE shape (CBBE Curvy), so there are some significant size differences between the originals and the conversions. Check the screenshots for some comparisons of the more substantially different armors.

Also included is an esp for adding female alternates for armors that don't have them.

If there are any missing or buggy armors mention them in a post and I may fix/add them if I get the chance.

No physics, just base CBBE.

Nipple sliders removed since most of the armors are heavy plates of metal or thick leather jackets and they never look very good on armors anyways.

Side note: This mod is also sort of a high-poly upgrade because I like polygons, more polygons = better morphing, and most PCs that can run modded skyrim can easily use higher poly models.

Requires Glenmoril SE, CBBE, Bodyslide.

Credit to Vicn for creating Glenmoril (Unslaad and Vigilant are really cool and they have bodyslide conversions too).