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Last updated at 3:10, 24 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 12:55, 8 Jan 2017

This mod increases the number of enemy werewolf encounters in several ways: 
  • Caged werewolves added to several dungeons
  • Several wild packs of werewolves added
  • Random werewolf encounters in the wilderness (optional)
  • Full moon attacks on cities (optional)
Because isn't it a shame that you can easily play 300+ hours and count the number of times you fought a werewolf on one hand?

Just install as usual and enable the plugin. Make sure this mod loads after any others that edit the same cells. No known incompatibilities.

Werewolf locations:


Werewolf encounter events:


I recommend using this alongside Diverse Werewolves Collection, which adds variety to enemy werewolf textures (seen in screenshots).

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Also on Skyrim Legendary Edition!