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Are you tired of radiant quests sending you to dungeons you've already cleared before when there are still a lot of uncleared dungeons in the game? This mod fixes that.

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This mod will avoid radiant quests (or in concrete, quests with radiant dungeon/location) sending you to dungeons that you've already cleared at least once, at least untill all dungeons with the conditions requested by the quest are cleared.

Version 1.1.1 is now compatible with the three of them Skyrim SE (only 1.5.97 was tested) and Skyrim AE older versions (1.6-1.6.353) and Skyrim AE newer versions (1.6.629 and up)

Q: How does it work exactly?
A: When a radiant quest with a radiant dungeon/location starts, the game locates all dungeons in the game that satisfiy the quest conditions, and after that, it chooses a random one. But the game also includes in the list dungeons that you've already cleared and which have respawned. The mod patches that function so that dungeons that you've already cleared at least once won't be in the list. (until all dungeons with the conditions are cleared, then vanilla behavior is restored so that the quest can start)

Q: I installed the mod but I was still sent to a place I've already been. Why?
A: There are several possible reasons:
1) If you just installed the game on an existing game:  have in mind some quests start in the background before they show in the journal. If a quest started in the background before installing this mod, then it won't be affected (until the next instance of the quest)
2) All the locations with the conditions that the quest needs have already been cleared. In that case, the mod restores vanilla behaviour so that the quest can start.
3) The dungeon/location is not marked as clear (check your map). This mod is dependent of the dungeon being marked as clear.

Q: Does this affect quests with no radiant location?

A: Nope. Location alias with fixed location are unaffected.

Q: Compatibility problems?
A: There shouldn't be any. This mod patches an obscure function in the game, I doubt there is other mod that patches this same function.

Q: Will it work with X quest/big land mod that has radiant quests?

A: Yes.  (assuming the quest/big land mod marks cleared dungeons as... cleared)