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Dark Brotherhood Armor (male) retextured 2k

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Hi there, this is my first texture mod, and decided to try to retexture the vanilla dark brotherhood armor. I've seen some nice replacement for this armor but couldn't find one that fits my taste, so i've decided to retexture the armor maintaining the vanilla style, I know some ppl think it makes your character look slim, (mine actually is skinny) but hey you're an assassin in tights what were you expecting? ;) Was a lot of work for a first texture mod (moren than i expected, so i limited to make only the male armor) but i finally finished it, hope you like it.



You guys already know the process.... use NMM or if you gonna do it manually just drop unpack the data folder and drop it in your game directory.

To get the mask enable you need this mod Dark Brotherhood Mask Male Fix

Just delete the texture or deactivate the mod.

Works using the original meshes so any change to it will probably screw the mod, so it works only with vanilla meshes.
You can install/uninstall it in the middle of your playthrough with no fear.

if you want to thank me, you're welcome, if not, I guess i'll have to try harder next time.


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