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A remade Alduin's Meteor Call that you can use yourself and rain terror on everyone.

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1.0 Update: Now learns the shout automatically on startup!

I've been searching Nexus SSE and can't find a suitable SE version of Meteor Call mod so I made one myself. This isn't just a straight up copy paste of Alduin's shout as his version lasts a measly 30 seconds, deals only 8-30 ish damage per hit and rarely hits anything. It's basically useless.

The version I made significantly buffed the damage, the hits stagger enemies longer, hits far more often and lasts longer. Damage, frequency and duration depends on the level of the shout:

One word: lasts 45 sec, 90 sec cooldown, Low damage
Two words: lasts 60 sec, 120 sec cooldown, med damage
Three Words: lasts 90 sec, 180 sec cooldown, High damage

To install:
-Use NMM or put the file in the root of the data folder in Skyrim SE.
-When you first load the game you should learn the shout and all words automatically. You're all set! >:D

To Uninstall:
-Just delete the file from the data folder

About 0.9 (Non-Replacer):

The shout is learned automatically now as of version 1.0, but if for some reason you still want to do it the manual way for version 0.9, use the following lines and replace XX with the hexadecimal numbers for the mod's load order (which can be found in NMM):

player.addshout XX000D67
player.teachword XX001D9A
player.teachword XX001D9B
player.teachword XX001D9C

Type all of them into the command console.

Alternatively, you can create a text file without the *.txt extension at the root of Skyrim SE folder containing the lines of command listed above and just type in "bat <name of file>" into the console. i.e., if you named your file "meteorcall" then simply type in "bat meteorcall" which would execute all those lines.

For the Storm Call replacer, it replaces storm call.

have fun wreaking havoc.