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One of the most competent assassins in the world has decided to accept a contract in Skyrim: to be the most efficient companion of the Dragonborn. This mod adds John Wick as a potential follower in your game.

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Jonathan "John" Wick, born Jardani Jovonovich (Джарданы Джовонович) and also known as Baba Yaga (Баба-Яга, "the Boogeyman"), is a legendary hitman who previously worked for the Tarasov Mob until his retirement. He retired in order to spend time with his wife, Helen Wick, who later died of an unidentified illness. His superior, Viggo Tarasov, promised to allow John to quit if he first completed an "impossible task": killing all of Tarasov's enemies in a single night. Having succeeded, John retired and lived peacefully for just over five years.



Location: The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun.

Status: He can marry and are essential.

Voice Type: Male Even Toned Accented.

Combat Style: Assassin.

Perks: Assassin Blade, Silence, Agile Defender 80 and Silent Roll.

Costume: He will be wearing a Blue Merchant Clothes.

Inventory: Ebony Armor, Gloves, Daggers and Boots.

After recruiting, John will wear Ebony Armor, but you can take it off if you wish!



John will use the textures from the base game it will be suitable for any texture mod you use.
To make it look exactly like the images above, I recommend that you use the following great mods:
Tempered Skins for Males.
All credits to its developers and many thanks! 

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Obs: Sorry if my English isn't very good, that's not my language.