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Hey, fellow thieves. Now you can read shadowmarks directly!

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Readable Shadowmarks

Hey, fellow thieves. 
Now you can read shadowmarks directly!
Implemented fix from USSEP

New feature: Add Thieves Guild as a requirement.
Shadowmarks are secret code for thieves guild members only.
You can read them after you have been welcomed into the Thieves Guild by its Guild Master.

Oh.. You are not one of us?
Ha! You can't read it.

2 options:

Main version
Show name and meaning of each symbol based on Shadowmarks book.

"Name only" version 
For anyone who wants to have short and clean messages.


Simply download and install with mod manager.
For Open Cities user, please download from optional files section.(NOT required main file.)


This mod doesn't alter shadowmarks directly.
It adds new invisible activator object at the same place as shadowmarks.
Basically, It should be compatible with everything.(Yay!)

Let me know if you have any problems.

Compatible with
Any mod that adds new shadowmarks.
Example: Shadowmarks by Arthmoor 
Note: My mod is not covered new shadowmarks. It's still passive.

Any mod that changes the texture of shadowmarks.
Example: Thief Eyes - Glowing Shadowmarks SSE Edition by Biohazard186 

Incompatible with
Any mod that changes the position of shadowmarks.

Supported mod
Open Cities Skyrim by Arthmoor

Bug Report

If you found something wrong, please follow this instruction.
1. Report it in BUGS section.
2. Explain the problem in detail.
3. Post the screenshot of shadowmark and location(map).

Thank You

PeterMartyr, especially Masterofnet and cdcooley for answering my question in Nexus forum.

 hishutup for Open Cities Skyrim xEdit Converter.

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