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Yet another face for Joseph Russell's lovely Lucien follower mod .

Permissions and credits
Why another face for Lucien ? 

There are no shortage of face replacers for Joseph's popular Lucien follower mod .

No offense to other authors , while I am sure all of they've done a terrific job but personally I think they are looking a little too " seasoned ". So I have decided to make my own .

Lucien is this green horn  /  fresh face  /  aspiring new adventurer who has just started his journey . 
I gave him a roundier face , fairer skins  ( make sense for someone who spent most of his times in the library ) so he doesn't look too haggard .

At the same time I've taken some reference from Joseph's (Lucien's mod Author) facial features , matching hairs , colors and eyes since I do not want the look to stray too far from its original intent .

Read This First 

This head will use your own male body mesh and textures
If you need to take off Lucien 's clothes for w/e reason , you will find that he has a neck gap

*The Solution*

  1. To fix the gap , you need to bring up the console menu with the ~ key . 
  2. Move your mouse cursor over Lucien , click him.  Or if you feel like being edgy , you can do /prid " Insert Lucien's REFid here "
  3. Type Setnpcweight 25 , press Enter . Do not close the window yet
  4. Type disable , press Enter . 
  5. Type enable , press Enter . Press the ~ key again to leave the console command menu . 

This should cause Lucien to respawn with his new weight in the current save file , subsequently eliminating the Neck Gap issue . If you wish to start a new game , you may have to re-enter the same commands . 

Recommendation & Compatibility 

*Not compatible with any other Lucien face replacers , obviously .

The face is compatible with Tempered Skin for Males , Sam light , HIMBO , SOS , SkySight , BNP and Vitruvia .

This Lucien should run well under most ENB .
Even without ENB , you will find him a touch better looking than the fellas around thanks to the increased Vertices .
If you find that offensive to your gameplay , just uninstall the mod . 

This mod also pairs well with the following : 

Expressive Facial Animation - Male edition Strongly recommended , I've altered the face with this in mind so this Lucien should look slightly more expressive than before . 

Gesture Animation Remix  -  Highly recommended  , this mod added extra distinct poses and animation for Lucien . 

That's the whole package ! You will find Lucien more lively and expressive than before !

Future Plans
add more hairstyles
add more options for face features
add more compatibility options for different body mesh 
*HIMBO & SOS default & Vitruvia & BNP compatibility added in v1.2 
Added BNP updates and SkySight supports in v1.5

Stuff that most people don't read , skip this section .

What is this face ?

This is a standalone facegen replacer , created partially using Charmers of the reach ( COTR ) .

Because it is relatively new , the lack of compatibility with many of the newer mods can be problematic  .
Male assets especially so because they receive very little attention and support .

Face is sculpted meticulously in Zbrush , I paid attention down to the smallest extreme details , from eyelid down to teeth . 

I've probably ran hundreds of instances of Facial Expression demo just to make he doesn't clip or have teeth protuding at the wrong place . Vertex around eyes have been slightly altered and the nose bridge and teeth have been smoothen .

Why Cosmos Lucien ?

Because our Lucien is like a little Universe  , with Limitless Potential and all that blah blah blah .
The truth is I was struggling to find a name so I just named it that . 

Share the preset pretty pls ? 

The shape of the assets are sculpted in Zbrush. I don't really use Racemenu much except for saving files . Unless you are using the exact same assets which I am using , it is unlikely you can load the exact same shape from a racemenu preset. So that is just not possible atm .

This is just a simple face replacer, why are you typing so much ? 

Because I rather address some of the things before ppl brought it up ? 
Because I rather save us times ? 
Because I am being a decently responsible modder ? 

Nobody want to read this but the important part - Credits :

Joseph Russell : For being so nice & sweet . Joseph spent time looking into the mod before I publish it . None of this would have happened without you . 

Shinglescat : Used some of SC 's grayscale hair texts , thank you for replying to me so quickly .

Kartoffels : Bad ass modder . Her works are exceptional , check it out here

Trixter and the COTR team : Thank you for the amazing face creator .

KSHAIRDO & Kaililies : COTR and KShairdo do not work well together. I have to cut and mold the hair on top of the head but thanks for creating the hairpack so we have different options . 

Savrenx : A very talented contributor to the male modding scene . Using some of his costumes in the SS .

johnskyrim : Archmage robe in the SS .

HaeVaksa PI-CHO ENB : Great ENB for skin textures . Most of my earlier screenshots are taken with PI-CHO.

VectorPlexus community : For the overwhelming supports , I didn't know I have so many followers outside of Japan !! TY for your kind words , they keep me going .

P/S : Lemme know if I missed you in the list  . I think I should have covered them all .