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Adds 27 digital-draw eye colors with heterochromia combinations for all race except for beast race.13 variation of Argonian (default and round) and 13 Khajiit eyes (default and slightly narrow) which can be interchange can be use in both races.

Permissions and credits
*This mod adds 16 27 digital-draw eyes that was create with a mouse and drawing stylus. The eyes does includes with heterochromia combination for a total of 254 727 variations for male and female races and 26 eyes (default and narrow & round) for Khajiits and Argonians for a variation of 52 (Argonian and Khajiits can interchange use each other eyes). 

This version had been ported from the LE version to SE. I'm a bit new and learning about modding so please bear with me. 

Cosmic Eyes LE (If you're looking for the LE version)

Compatibility: This mod is not a replacer though it does uses the vanilla eye meshes. It should work with everything.

Files: Choose one of the main files. The first main file is without compact and not flag ESL, and the second main file is compact and flag ESL.

 Manually install or with your mod manager. 

Note: If you're using High Poly Head make sure your HPH's fomod have the expressive option select (reinstall High Poly Head to select the option). If you're using Expressive Female/Male Animation along with with HPH make sure is not the racemenu plugin, and it's update to date. Or you may have some eyelashes texture misalign issues.

Please be respectful and not upload a copy of this mod. Thank you. You can use these for your characters, replacers, NPCs, etc. Please give me credit. I'd like your wonderful images and creations if possible.

Thank you everyone in Kaidan Extended Edition Discord for helping creating this mod. Thank you whoever give the suggest name for the mod, Cosmic. Thank you for emeila976, Bowen Bloodgood, Rose, Vyrxi, dovahnique, Ayalet Diana, and everyone for your suggestions.