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A little compatibility patch and an optional batch file.

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Multiple Marriages
My patch for this simply moves the spell tomes and "Dudestia" shrine to a spot where they're supposed to be rather than those books dusting about on the floor or the shrine clipping into one of the benches.

"Reset Marriage Position" batch file
A text file to be placed in your Skyrim SE folder. Might be usefull if you've un/installed JK's Temple of Mara on an existing game, otherwise Maramal and your spouse-to-be might stand in a spot that looks out of place, during the ceremony. Before you start the marriage quest, open up the console (~ key) and enter
"bat resetmarriagepos" without the quotes. This should reset the position of the priest- and lover x-markers before your wedding ceremony begins.

Either install through Vortex, or manually download the archive and extract the Data folder to your Skyrim SE folder
(C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition)
Then run LOOT and then enable the .esp plugin in a mod manager of your choice. (I use Wrye Bash)