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Garm is an husky companion. He can be found with Andurs in the Whiterun Temple of Arkay. He is named after Garmr, the guardian of the Norse Underworld. He has many versions and styles, hopefully something for everyone. This is the SE Edition.

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Garm is a fierce husky named after his father Garmr, the guardian of the Norse and Nord underworlds. His mother is Jörð (Jord; Earth), one of the Jötnar. Feeling curious about the realm of Akray she disguised herself as a wolf and flirted with Garmr as a way to get in. Garmr was not fooled but he agreed to answer her questions if she would bear him a son, to which she agreed. The son she bore was Garm. He was born during the Warp of the West in the third era, around 3E 420, and is still considered a young pup by those in the Underworld.

Like his father he helps protect the gateways between life and death and his main function is to guide lost souls to their appropriate destination in the afterlife. Because of his mother he has strong ties to the natural world and thus makes a good shepherd for guiding souls between the two realms. His appearance often changes to reflect the role he is undertaking.  Sometimes he is a friendly guide to children, often appearing as a small puppy, while other times he will be a massive and well armored husky-wolf to guide and help mighty warriors.  When guiding good souls he often appears with white fur but when hunting down evil souls he may appear with smokey black fur the color of shadow.

As a Guardian of the Underworld Garm also reflects the balance of Good and Evil, Life and Death, Light and Darkness. His loyalty is to those who are kind to him and return his steadfast loyalty.  However he is still too young to assume his fathers position in the real underworld, so he got a job helping Andurs at the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun. But what he really wants to do is go on grand adventures and explore the world of Skyrim and its many realms and holds.

Because the mortal world is so new and exciting to Garm he sometimes wanders away and may become separated from you. So Garm asked Andurs to write a spell tome that will teach Garm's friends how to call him from anywhere in the world. It opens up a portal, via the Underworld, and Garm is able to move through the portal to the one calling him.


Simply select the version that you want to install and download and install using your mod manager of choice or do it manually. Only use ONE at a time. If you want to try a different version first uninstall the previous one  (and if Garm is currently your companion in the game then be sure to dismiss him properly before you uninstall), save the game, then install the different version and then ask him to join again.


To uninstall load up your current game and dismiss him, ideally you should dismiss him where you found him - in Whiterun at the Temple of Arkay with Andurs.  After you have dismissed him make a new save game.  Then go and uninstall the mod, load your new saved game, save again.  Now you should be all set.


  • Adds Garm, a husky-wolf hybrid companion for the player.
  • Garm currently works for Andurs at the temple of Arkay in Whiterun, protecting the entrance to the crypt.
  • Garm has his own dialogue, although it is based off the standard animal companion scripts.
  • Garm has a spell book that can teach you how to open a portal to the Underworld and call Garm to your side from anywhere in the world.
  • Has sneak of 100, base light armor at 15 (no armor version) or 30 (armor version).  Note Garm uses unarmed skill for damage.*
  • Has boosted health
  • Can reach level 80 (range is 10 - 80)
  • Has some magic resistance
  • Is essential
  • Set to unaggressive to help avoid running out in battle while in stealth. Confidence is brave.
  • Does not affect stealth meter
  • Has light foot perk so he won't set off traps (or shouldn't at least). Also muffled movement, silence, shadow warrior, and +40% reduction to stealth detection.
  • If dismissed he will return to where you found him, at the temple of Arkay in Whiterun.
  • Garm comes in a variety of sizes but you can easily change his size to whatever you like using the console command "setscale" which will remain in your saved game from save to save.
  • All textures are either vanilla or come from Skyrim LE Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack by Bellyache (husky mixed colors, white, and black) and some come with armor and some without.
  • White Garm is an all-white husky-wolf hybrid with blue eyes and the most popular
  • Ghost Garm comes with his eyes slightly tinted as in Ghost from Game of Thrones
  • Warrior Garm comes with ebony armor made by tumbajamba
  • Shadow Garm the Reaper of Souls is a smokey black husky-wolf hybrid version of Garm with amber/orange eyes

Video by Corpsehatch showing all the different versions of Garm


Note: I do not keep up on SE mods as I only play Skyrim LE myself. I have removed all links that are out of date or point to old LE mods. Consequently only links other users provide will be below. Last updated 2020-06-16.


Any mod that alters default animal or companion follower scripts may cause a conflict.  Hearthfire adoption is not supported and you can't set Garm to be a pet to your kids nor do I plan on adding such a feature as he is not a pet but a fellow adventurer. You also can't set his home and he will always return to Andurs at the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun as that is his true home. If you really want to change his home you will have to try and find a mod that lets you change the home of an animal companion.

Most follower mods are generally not compatible with any custom animal companion due to how they handle tracking multiple followers (although they usually work okay with vanilla ones like Meeko or Vigilance). Mods like AFT and UFO will partially work with Garm but will often be buggy; dialogue options will sometimes stop working and Garm won't listen to commands. I have found the wait and "do something" commands are the most problematic so I avoid using them. I use AFT all the time and have just learned work-arounds when using them with any animal companion mod. Some times playing with load order helps. Also using the AFT "make follower" command (and over-riding the normal behavior) sometimes works but only gives you the AFT commands. Using the AFT reset command on just the animal companion, dismissing, and rehiring also sometimes fixes things. I have heard EFF works better with animals (but don't use EFF so just repeating comments) and that Simpler Follower Mod works the best with animal followers - but have also not done testing with SFM. In general you can use follower management mods but do so at your own discretion as I can't provide support for them which is why I listed them under incompatible mods.

*Special Note: Immersive AFT (IAFT) was ported to SE in an imcomplete manner as it requires SKSE to use the menu system to change settings. By default it has a "chance to kill" setting so that any follower has a chance to be killed - even essential ones that are normally invulnerable. Garm is set to essential but if you use IAFT he can be killed as a few people have reported. One person indicated after being killed he re-appeared back at the Hall of the Dead and using the summon spell on him brought him back to life. You can also try the console "resurrect" command. Another option is to see if you can change the chance to kill command in IAFT with the console. Personally I recommend not using it since it isn't properly converted. Better off converting the original AFT and using that.

Lastly any mod that adds a brand new world could possibly leave Garm stranded if dismissed as his AI may not know how to get him home.


Garm Won't Join You: If Garm won't talk to you it most likely means that you didn't dismiss a previous animal follower correctly and now you game things you still have one.  use the console to make sure your player animal count is set to 0 (zero).  If it is not set to 0 then set it 0:
show playeranimalcount
set playeranimalcount to #
Hearthfire Pet: Garm can not be made a pet to children so don't even try.

Garm Won't Interact in Combat: Garm won't trade or follow commands in combat.  If Garm's health gets to low he will ignore you as he is to weak to respond.  If you heal him up or get him out of combat so his health comes back then he should return to normal.

Garm is Mad at You: You keep hurting Garm and he becomes aggressive.  Well don't do that! If you hit him by accident to many times he may stay in combat mode.  Try selecting him then enter console mode and type "disable" followed right after by "enable".  You can also try the command "resetai" which sometimes help.

Garm is Lost: Garm is lost and you can't find him.  Well use the spell he tught you, Call Garm, to summon him to your side. You can learn the spell from the spell tome he carries with him. If for some reasons you can't use the spell then you will need to know his reference ID (do NOT use his base ID).  Then enter the console mode and type:  PRID #  (where # is his reference ID).  This will select him no matter where he is.  Then type: moveto player (this will teleport him to you).  If you do not know his reference ID you need to either load an earlier game where you can select him in the console, which will display it, or look it up in the CK.   Whatever you do, do NOT use "placeatme" to get him.  That command makes a copy and will cause all kinds of problems.

Garm and Doors: Like all the dogs in the game he isn't very good with doors. So if you send him home it may be a bit before he can get back into his home with Andurs.

Garm and Damage: Browncoat22517 did some testing to see how damage works with Garm and pasting this here for others who may want to increase Garm's damage output. "I gave Garm the Fists of Steel perk (from the Heavy Armor tree), which adds a base unarmed damage increase, depending on the armor value of which gloves/ gauntlets are equipped. I gave Garm some tempered steel gauntlets and saw a significant increase in his damage output. So basically, Garm's attacks are based on unarmed damage."


Bethseda for Skyrim.
Darkfox127 for his excellent tutorial on making animal companions.
Bellyache for his white and black wolf textures:
gtf323 for the main image of Garm I am using for the mod.
tumbajamba for his husky armor:
Corpsehatch for video of Garm
Anataron for bouncing scripting ideas around with me.
To all the folks to created the Wiki Papyrus Creation Reference, especially the example script for summoning a follower.
To the website Skyrim MW for their tutorials.
Thanks to everyone who submitted images - I have used some of the user images on this page.