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Hate being a mute? You could use this

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Hate being a mute? Not anymore with this mod. You will say something on certain activities, player will show emotions whenever interact with everything that surrounds him/her. Mumbling, grunting and cursing whenever something fail. Too proud to admit success or anything that actually gains him. Saying "yeah yeah" or "whatever" even after level up or learned a new shout. This is a blend for vanilla original sound fx and recorded voices no script.

Currently 4 voice type available for switching
1. Female common, VA Vex Thief Guild
2. Male common, VA Farkas Companion
3. Male Dark Elf
4. Female Breton/Forsworn

Sfx changes for:
Lockpicking (6)
Health with wounded breathing (2)
Alchemy (only alchemy fail)
Enchanting (only recharging) (2) - while enchanting empty weapon with soul gem, not on enchantingtable
Doors Locked (4)
Find treasure (2)
Reading Book (8)
Potion Use (2), also plays when drinking ale
Poison Use (2)
Learn new shout and new spell
Reveal (4)
Reward (4)
New Objective (3)
Quest update (1)
Video for all dialogue lines

Death Music (7) = Angels playing ancient lute welcoming you to Sovngarde

Silence Combat Music (18)
I think the music unimmersively kills immersion, but if you dont agree delete this folder from

update v1.4:
Add Female shrill/breton/forsworn voice type
Remove journal (when open/closing menu)
Remove silence combat music so please do clean installation for update v1.4

Install: Use NMM
Always have to re-install and overwrite everytime you want to change PC voice type.

You can delete any sound fx file that you dont like while keeps the fx you like inside, or combine it with another voice mod. The details is in list above and in Sample Video. This also means you can replace the specified files with your own variants by adding your own file AND renaming it to the original set up. It should be save because no script in this mod so the sound will back to the original state after you reload the game. 


Wookied for BSA Unpacker
Greentea101 for Unfuzer

Thanks, endorse if you like this