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Makes Ulfric Armor look like metal. Includes female model. Adds cubemap+envmap, fixes vanilla meshes, adds armor rating. Uses your own textures.

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Ulfrics Armor never looked like metal to me, I only found out it was supposed to be armor when I saw the TES Legends Artwork.
So I fixed it to look and feel more like an actual armor. Its compatible with your own textures for the armor, i used vanilla for the screenshots.
Vanilla Armor doesnt have a first person model and no female version, so this mod adds those too. Specularity is also bugged in the meshes - fixed that.

  • Cubemap and envmap for metallic reflection which also enhances the 3-dimensional look of the armor
  • Adds Female version(including BodySlide)
  • Fixed meshes for gauntlets and boots
  • Changes Itemtype to Light Armor:

Body: Weight: 1->24, Rating: 0->35
Gloves: Weight: 0.5->6, Rating: 5->9
Boots: Weight: 1->6, Rating: 0->9
These values are in line with tulius armor and Stormcloak Officer Set

  • Adds Footstep Sounds
  • Can be acquired from Ulfrics corpse or be stolen from his personal chest in his chambers (Locked behind a master level door and chest)

  • Load after everything else


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