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New companion Olga, Mjoll's sister from Riften. Located in tavern Bannered Mare of Whiterun.

Permissions and credits
New standalone companion Olga, Mjoll's sister from Riften.
Located in the tavern Bannered Mare in Whiterun.

May need EEF or AFT SE mods for companions.

Olga's perks:
Level 1 20 pts health; 20 pts stamina; 20 pts of armor rating.
Level 2 Rage - chance to increase Olga's attack speed by 35%; Valor - chance to increase the damage of one-handed-two-handed weapons by 25%; Support is chance to restore health.
Level 3 Perks Barbarian (20% two-handed damage increase for Olga); Armsman (20% increase in one-handed damage for Olga); Juggernaut(20% armor rating increase in heavy armor for Olga)
Level 4 30% damage of power attacks; 20% movement speed; Regenerate 50% health and stamina next to Olga.
Level 5 Perk Warmaster; Guardian Angel (50% damage ignored when the player is near Olga); Side by Side (Increase damage by 20% for two-handed and one-handed weapons when the player is close to Olga)
Level 6 Olga has a chance to deal twice as much damage while under the influence of Rage; While under Valor, Olga has a chance to ignore damage; Under the effect of Support, Olga has a chance to restore her and the player's stamina.

- CBBE - 
- High Poly Head -
- DAR - is optional

1 Download the main archive and install modmanager or manually.
2 Download and install optional archive with 3BA body type (SunChristine's 7BO preset for CBBE).

To create a companion, the following resources were used:
- Demoniac v1.12 CBBE by regenbot03
- The Pure - CBBE 1.3.1
- High Poly Head
- Expressive Facial Animation -Female Edition-
- Expressive Facegen Morphs SE
- ESL High Poly Pretty Face Brows Stand Alone
- Natural Eyes
- The Eyes Of Beauty SSE
- Northborn Scars
- KS Hairdos SSE
- Community Overlays 2

Many thanks and credits to all the authors of these mods:
nevenbridge81 and Colorspray
LogRaam aka Gabriel Mailhot, docteure
Kalilies and Stealthic