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Provide way to kill Sahrotaar and harvest its scales if you missed it.

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  • If Sahrotaar didn't die in the finicky battle with Miraak, you won't be able to harvest its scales and finish its display in the Gallery of Natural Science.
  • This mod provides a way to get the scales at a later time.
  • If you've already beaten Miraak and finished At the Summit of Apocrypha, when you travel back to Apocrypha via Black Book: Waking Dreams, Sahrotaar will fly over and die.
  • You can absorb Sahrotaar's soul and loot its scales for the museum.
  • After you've looted the scales, Sahrotaar will despawn when you visit Waking Dreams again.
  • If Sahrotaar is already dead and disabled, it will be enabled and brought to the end of Waking Dreams too.


  • Install whenever
  • Uninstall whenever after Sahrotaar got cleaned up the second time you visit Waking Dreams

Q: WELL Sahrotaar didn't survive in MY GAME!
A: ok