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A small, lore friendly, nordic town resting on the edge of Lake Ilinalta. Also, an old ruined nord fort surrounding Lakeview Manor.

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Vandia - Stormcloak town and Lakeview Manor Fort

Laying on the edge of Lake Ilinalta, Vandia is a lore-friendly, small, rustic nord town. The Jarl, Beorn, has recently seceded from Falkreath Hold and became independent, so as to join the Stormcloak Rebellion. The hold is very alert and defensive because of being surrounded by the Empire. After the news of the dragons and the Dragonborn, the Jarl has recently added some guards to protect the player and the player's house inside the fort, should the Dragonborn choose to live there.

  • A lumber mill
  • An inn
  • A Jarl's Hall
  • A blacksmith
  • A dock
  • A ranger outpost
  • A street vendor
  • Fort surrounding Lakeview Manor
  • Fully working crime faction with prison
  • Fully working guards (Hostile to Empire)
  • A protected Talos Shrine
  • A marriageable character (In the Inn)
  • Custom banner
  • Much more!!

 Requires Hearthfire and new SSE update.