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Distributes and rebalances crossbows. Intended for use alongside Thwack and Rare Curios Bolts Expanded.

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The Creation Club's crossbow mods have some very cool assets, but implementation and balance are a bit lacking. The original two crossbows in Skyrim were balanced around the idea that they would be the only two available. The new crossbows were balanced around those two, leading to further skewed stats and very overpowered weapons.

Not all of the crossbow variants have corresponding bolts (rare curios adds some) and the quest is, if I may, not very well thought out.

Two other really cool mods, Thwack and Rare Curios Bolts Expanded, attempt to rectify some of these issues among other things. Thwack especially does a lot for crossbows in the way of fixing the quest giving you instant gratification. It also distributes a few of the crossbows to Vigilants, Silver Hand, Dwarven Dungeons, Imperial Soldiers, etc. (By the way, I highly recommend using those two mods with this one)

Kachunk adjusts the balance of crossbows themselves and distributes them to the general bandit, loot, and vendor lists.
It views crossbows as something the player may encounter in the world as a normal weapon. However, they should still be more uncommon than a traditional bow and arrow. 


  • Distributes crossbows to the appropriate lists. Bandits will still usually wield bows at about a 10/1 ratio). Since Kachunk is meant to be used with Thwack, it leaves silver hand and Vigilant distribution to that mod as I am happy with how it does it.
  • Crossbows can be found as loot.
  • Crossbows can also be sold at blacksmith vendors.
  • All of the new and old crossbows have had their stats rebalanced to fit their new role as a more common weapon in Skyrim. 
  • The base crossbows will be craftable with the appropriate perk. Enhanced crossbows will still be locked behind their original requirements (or Ancient Technology if using Thwack). Stalhrim crafting will require completion of "A New Source of Stalhrim".

Compatibility and Requirements

´╗┐Naturally, this mod requires both of the crossbow Creations. A patch has also been provided for Rare Curios Bolts Expanded, which also requires Rare Curios.

Kachunk is not only compatible with Thwack and Rare Curios Bolts Expanded, but has been made with them in mind so I highly suggest using them.

Ideally, you will want to load Kachunk and its RCBE patch after Thwack and RCBE.

Again, I highly recommend these two mods:
Thwack - A Creation Club Integration Mod
Rare Curios Bolts Expanded
Tamrielic Distribution