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A cozy player home at the top of Darkwater Pass. Surrounded by waterfalls and forest, this house has some of the most stunning views in Skyrim. Complete with a secret waterfall entrance to the home, a secret staircase entrance to the grounds, a secret dungeon and unique ingredients to the grounds, this is where I'd live in real life if I could.

Permissions and credits
The first time I came out of Darkwater Pass I knew I had to build my home there. A large secluded grounds surrounded by waterfalls centrally located between Windhelm, Whiterun, Ivarstead and Riften the Darkwater Home has all the amenities you need without being absurdly large and empty. Put the mod near the bottom of the load order. It should be available immediately for fast travel and shouldn't conflict with any other DLC mods.

Features include:
-A large grounds with tons of little details
-Secret waterfall entrance to the home
-Secret staircase entrance to the grounds
-1 bed
-2 blacksmith stations
-2 alchemy tables
-2 enchanting tables
-Tons of storage
-2 smelters
-A lot of ingredients growing on the grounds
-2 new ingredients that grow in the area
-Secret dungeon
-A farm
-Ride the waterfalls and river most of the way to Whiterun
-Some of the best views in Skyrim
-A ton more

A pretty awesome house in my opinion. Hope you like it!