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Modifies Dawnbreaker into a weapon to be reckoned with. Increases base and critical damage to Daedric level, as well as staggering undead and causing them 60 points of sun damage. Acts as a light source, ending the need for a torch in dark crypts. NEW: Version 1.13 features a 25% chance to stagger undead, which will prevent the wielder from stunloc

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Dawnbreaker is a unique Daedric Artifact that is quite underpowered for what it is. This mod rectifies the problem by giving Dawnbreaker the same base and critical damage as a generic Daedric sword, and changing the elemental damage to 20 points of Sun damage (triple vs. undead). The main file also sheds light and staggers undead. 


- Does the same base and critical damage as a generic Daedric sword.
- Is improvable to Legendary quality with the Daedric Smithing perk and an ebony ingot.
- Does 20 points of sun damage (60 points vs. undead)
- Staggers undead (and only undead) on contact, without power attacking
- Retains the "explosion" effect of the original Dawnbreaker. This effect is unchanged from vanilla.
- Illuminates twice the radius as a torch.


Always place this mod at the end of your load order, in particular place it after any other weapon mods or game/lighting overhauls. If you load your game with Dawnbreaker equipped, and it doesn't seem to shed light, try unequipping and re-equipping the sword.


In the Files section, under Optional Files, you will find a few variants of Daedric Dawnbreaker for those who have requested changes to the various powers of the weapon. Two of the files, Low Light and No Light, reduce or eliminate the light. Otherwise, they are the same as the main file. The No Stagger variant has been provided for those who feel that the stagger effect against undead is overpowered. Likewise, it has all the other powers of the main file except that it does not stagger undead. Version 1.13 features all of the features under Summary of Features, but does not automatically stun undead. Instead, you will have a 25% chance to stagger undead foes. Version 1.14 is the same as the main file, except that it features unlimited charges.


If there are multiple requests in the Posts section, I'll consider creating additional variants. I'd like to keep the clutter down in the files section, though.


Through successive playthroughs of the game, I always enjoyed the quest to obtain Dawnbreaker as well as the lore behind the weapon. However, I found the weapon underpowered and useless by mid-game. This is my attempt to make the weapon as powerful as lore would indicate against undead, but also noticeably more effective against common enemies even into the endgame. It has been stated that the original Dawnbreaker is more effective against creatures susceptible to fire. However, I would point out that nothing can resist Sun damage, and this mod makes Dawnbreaker *more* effective against fire-resistant enemies.


If you use one of the Dawnbreaker files that sheds light, that light will override the Candlelight spell. The glowing orb will be visible, but the color and intensity of the light will be Dawnbreaker's. This mod may also cause other weapons doing sun damage to shed light (in particular, Auriel's Bow.)


Trying to find Daedric Dawnbreaker for the original version of Skyrim? Click here.