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Overhaul of all Dwemer metal.

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"I picked up a discarded gear ... it still gleamed brightly, as if new-made, the Dwarven alloys resisting the corrosion of time ... Everywhere was the warm glitter of Dwarven alloys."  
- Ruins of Kemel-Ze

"Although it can be easily mistaken for bronze ... it is most definitely a distinct metal type of its own."   
- Dwarves, Lost Races of Tamriel Vol.1

        This mod cleans and adds a more burnished effect to the Dwemer metal found in game.  Look of the metal is more consistent throughout the ruins.  Details have been added, such as additional rivets and patterns I thought would be appropriate, to the bars, panels, tiles, etc.  Changes to some of the meshes/models have been made to add environment mapping where it was originally missing.  
The sphere centurion's hand has now been changed from a orange pixelated glove looking thing to a shiny new mechanical hand.  The steam centurion's crest on top of his head has been changed to look more like that of the original concept drawing.  The dwarven ballista's resolution is now  2K instead of the original 1K.  The ballista was also missing environment mapping and an environment mask so I added them for that reflective shininess.  Color of the new textures should be the same as the original ones.
        The female Dwarven armor is based on an unused asset from Bethesda.  The mesh was recreated by Ketwaroos and I repainted the texture.   I've made many uv-mapping tweaks and changes to his mesh so the male texture is no longer used.  There may be a little clipping with some custom animations.   All of the Dwarven metal textures and meshes from my 32-bit Skyrim mods have now been brought together and optimized for Skyrim Special Edition.
This overhaul includes:   
-Dwemer ruins
        -Dwarven armor both male and female
        -Restored female Dwarven armor model (compatible with vanilla, CBBE, or UNP)
        -Dwarven weapons
        -Dwemer clutter, ingredients, traps, etc.
        -Dwarven automatons
        -Optional boots for Digitigrade beast races

       Will work with any mod that relies on vanilla or replacer Dwarven textures.   I've added Dwarven boots from Digitigrade Beast Races (mod #1975)  as an optional download.  This is a replacer of the boots texture only and still requires downloading Teh-Huskys mod.

        Change of cubemap to one found in SkyRealism (48526) or HD Better Reflections (1197).  The cubemap is the one used by nearly all Dwemer metal.  The one found in HD Better Reflections is more detailed but is clearly an image from an outdoor scene.  SkyRealism's more general purpose but the name needs to be changed from to  You can easily manually install this texture in your data/textures/cubemap folder.

Ketwaroo for his mesh found in mod Adjusted Female Dwarven Armor