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Adds 3 playable Predator (Yautja) races with Dreadlock styles, eyes and other body customization. Discover over 42 New Predator weapons with dozens and dozens of new types of predator biomasks, armor and equipment. Travel Skyrim and find technology scattered around Tribes of friendly and hostile Predator Civilizations. Encounter Xeno and more

Permissions and credits
Predators - The Lost Tribes

Last Version of my work ( V115D ) has been generously updated to SSE and has had CBBE support added  - is here on the NEXUS >>
PREDATORS The Lost Tribes - 115D w CBBE  for Skyrim SSE   

Predators: The Lost Tribes. Yautja descendants stranded in Skyrim for thousands of years, hunt on the edges of Tamriel, and live on the fringes of the harsh Nord wilderness.

Play as a Predator, or as a standard Skyrim race. Rediscover Yautja artifacts, weapons and armor lost in Skyrim. You can mix and match a lot of clothing and armor in Skyrim to create your own character and roleplay story.

Predators have stashed cultural gear in hidden locations. Drop pods are concealed or abandoned in the landscape. A Book found in the Helgen Keep Tutorial, outside of Helgen's keep and Dragonsbane castle will start you off and add points to your Map where camps of Yautja have settled. Beware, the Berserkers, Savages and Badblood Yautja are hostile headhunters and not friendly to outsiders. Fear not, civilized Yautja live far to the North East. However Yautja have also brought deadly Xenomorph species to the land as well and have established training temples and concealed communities hidden about the land.


- Make sure you've got the latest  SSE Version of PREDATORS and not regular Skyrim.

- Download the main file to your desktop or some safe place and UNZIP it.

- Drag all the loose files enclosed into your SSE's "Data" folder  (It's where your SSE mods usually live)   Something like  steam/steamapps/common/skyrim special edition/data

-  allow the files to Merge with any other Textures or Mesh folders within.  

(Predators uses its own assets and own names so have no fear of stomping anybody else's loose assets unless they have biomasks, plasma cannons, wrist blades and stuff named like that.)   If you do not copy over something correctly - it will be missing when you play the game.

-  Having problems following?  Don't know how? - Read the Predator's Read Me file, and maybe google how to manually install Loose file mods in skyrim or SSE.  There's a lot of info out there because loose files are the old school method of setting up mods in Bethesda games.  

- Set the Predator Mod files to load LAST at the bottom of your mod list.

- Your Skyrim must be an updated/patched to the latest "official" version.  (I do not support Pirated software. Do not expect to run this mod with a cracked or hacked Skyrim.exe as those are frequently out of date and often won't work with this.)


- - - KNOWN BUGS !!!!!!!!!!! - - -

-- SSE - has had a lot of issues converting from Skyrim and many of the assets have had to be rebuilt.  Many suits of Yautja armor are still not completely rebuilt so you won't see all of the female lite armor assets and some of the male armor will be slightly different too.  I just decided to release this at 95% complete so you could play with it.

--- BioMasks are not universal for all races..

I made biomasks only for Predators... But as demand came folks wanted them for Vanilla races too.. So made them compatible and made a little art for other races but to make custom masks for every body for every mask would demand hundreds of new masks so I use a proxy of a few masks for the vanilla races.. So don't expect that super cool predator mask to fix everyone or show up right on a human, Kajhit whatever.  (just getting hears and hair to not poke through is a challenge. 

-- Quests that search for your Race for dialogue.

Some quests with NPC dialogues check for what vanilla Skyrim race you are so they make remarks about your race. (insult you)  If you're not a vanilla race the quest hangs or just ends.  To fix this when encountered -you're going to have to temporarily switch to a vanilla race via the console "showracemenu"  Once you've become a vanilla race - do the quest dialogue and then swap back to your Yautja race when the dialogue is done and rewards are all given etc.  This problem affects most custom races on quests.  

-- Dark Brotherhood quest -
  Will currently hang at one point where the quest looks to see what race you are for its response.( if it does hang - just switch your race to a vanilla race - do the dialogue for the quest - then switch back to continue playing Yautja)

-- Werewolf quest -
 Dialogue for Companions werewolf quest will also hang because of a quest race check for dialogue responses. switch to a vanilla race temporarily to do the dialogue thin the cave. However i don't think Werewolf powers work anyway with Yautja - so best to skip this quest all together if you can.

-- Followers NPCs - Yautja followers are a little buggy.
 Be warned. Its easy for Mod conflicts to occur with these guys.They can't walk into the Derelict ship or Destroyed Xeno Temple. (still working on that bug)   When you exit these spaces - they'll be gone until you fast travel - they they'll be back and by your side. 
   Be warned. They can get really buggy it you're running a 3rd party mod that heavily modifies vanilla Skyrim follower/NPC behavior. They might not want to dismiss. So you'll have to experiment with them if you're not sure to see how it handles for you. I wasn't doing to do this follower stuff - but fans requested it so I relented and put it out for better or for worse.

-- Demolished Xeno Temple is a huge and very busy temple and gets slow on some machines.
If you have performance issue here - its because you've set too high video card settings, you may experience a crash in there. Simply turning down your settings for this dungeon will usually fix things. (My later levels aren't so elaborate/busy and are broken up into smaller bits that load more so this is the only place that should happen.  I honestly doubt most SSE folks will have this issue as it was mainly SKYRIM users with weak machines and lower end video cards from 8 years ago.)

-- Yautja and Xeno are high level encounters
Yautja and Xenos are extremely tough and dangerous, and are not for the low level character.  Engage them with caution, cunning, and maybe a few healing potions.  Yautja covet the weapons, armor and relics their ancestors brought here from the stars. Trading with them, finding their hidden drop pod stashes, or defeating them in combat is the greatest source for finding Yautja cultural items.

There are 3 'races' with both Male and Female genders.  You can set skin color tinting and there are many dreadlocks styles you can choose from.

 (Sorry buy there is No CBBE or other body mod compatibility and I have NO plans for making this because of  the impossible amount of work involved.  So be respectful and don't bug me about it.)

-- Coal forges and stone grind wheels are not enough to improve Yautja weapons

Special kits Duranium upgrade kits that are a one time use will allow you to upgrade armor.  You will find Yautja armor upgrades kits in lairs and drop pods that will allow you to improve the strange metals the predator items are made from.  There are also Upgrades to predator cloaking devices that will improve your Sneak capability.

--  Cloaks are not invisibility !!!
Cloaking devices are camouflage - they help you sneak. If you don't crouch and sneak you will be immediately spotted.  

MK1 cloak adds a slight shimmer to your body when you sneak. It gives you a nice advantage in sneaking.  
MK2 cloak activates when you draw your weapons and crouch  - it gives 2x the sneak bonus of a mk1 cloak.
MK3 cloack activates when you, sneak or run  and it gives a staggering bonus to sneak and makes you practically invisible. It is the near perfect cloak.

Over 43 Yautja Weapons!

Shurikin -   (axe class for perks)
Disk Weapon -   (axe class for perks)
Combistick -   (sword class for perks)  
Glaive -    (axe class for perks)
Long Kriss Wrist blade (Left & Right hand versions) -  
(sword class for perks)  
Long Wrist Blades (Left & Right hand versions)  - 
(dagger class for perks)  
Short Wrist Blades (L & R)  - 
(dagger class for perks) 
Wrist Scimitars (L & R Handed versions)  - 
(axe class for perks)
Khopesh sword  - 
(sword class for perks) 
Maul -- 
(axe class for perks)
Combat Combistick (retracted and extended) - 
(sword class for perks) 
Ceremonial Dagger (think AVP the movie) - 
(dagger class for perks) 
Power Fist (fully renovated weapon & inactive damaged salvage) --- mace
Ceremonial Axe (either whole or found in pieces) -- axe
Ceremonial Javelin (either whole or craftable when found in pieces-- 
(sword class for perks) 
War Spear (2 handed) -- 2 handed war axe perks
Bat'leth --- 2 handed war axe perks
Cleaver, Great Sword   
(2 handed sword class for perks) 
Chopper, Great Sword   
(2 handed sword class for perks) 
Savage Chackram (wood ring with teeth) - 
(axe class for perks)
Savage Kuri knife --- 
(dagger class for perks) 
Savage Wrist Blades (mammoth tusk weapons)-- dagger or sword??
Savage Wolf Skull Wrist Blades (Left & Right hand versions)-- dagger or sword??
Skull Smasher (L & R) -- mace perks
Xeno tail, wrist blade (L & R) --
(dagger perks) 
xeno tail, spear--- 
(sword class for perks) 
Triple Bladed Wrist Blades (L & R) 
(dagger class for perks) 
Samurai Claws (L & R) dagger or sword classification for perks
Yautja Katana Sword (sword class for perks) 

Plasma Pistol   (staff perks)

Shoulder cannons - are all crafted from salvaged parts found in game, and use 'destruction' spell perks)

Shoulder cannon - Plasma Caster 
Shoulder cannon - Artillery
Shoulder cannon - Stunner
Shoulder cannon - Assault Weapon

Wrist blade Weapons  

- Right hand, Left hand
If you put a left wrist blade into a right hand slot (or right in a left slot)- they will attach facing backwards! So put right handed wrist weapons on the right hand, left in the left. Simple enough. Swords, combi sticks, Glaive, disk weapons and even plasma guns don't care what hand you hold them in.

- Animations
Wrist mounted weapons will work correctly with vanilla skyrim animations.  If you find them occasionally flipping backwards when you move - its a bug with the skeleton file used to make the Animation Mod you're running.  Good News - there is a bug fix for this out now!   "FNISs Custom Skeleton Arm Bug patch" fixes it right up, by replacing the custom skeleton with one that is set up correctly.   

Predators are 100% resistant to Skyrim diseases. However - In Dawnguard you Can still transform in vampire lord after being bitten by Serana! However you can not currently play/use the Brotherhood Werewolf ability with this new race. (issues with Skyrim's werewolf Scripts) So consider Vampire and Werewolf as unsupported by this race.

New special armor art in Dawnguard or Dragonborn will appear invisible. Those games have their own item lists. However - there are some 3rd party compatibility patches here on the Nexus others have made, so go search and see what you can find for 'Predators'.

Currently only Predators can wear Predator BioHelms in this mod. (the exception is the Falmer helm and destroyer biomask). Yautja do not wear most vanilla Skyrim helmets because of their odd head shape.Eventually I'll make more variations of biomask 3d models so more vanilla Skyrim races can wear the masks.

REMINDER - This is a work in progress!

SAVE your games! -- not just quick save. Be able to back it up if really bad bugs happen, or if updates make conflicts, or new quests or new things later you just want to revisit without starting over. I don't have a crew of a half dozen game dev pros working on this - its just me and a few Modders from the Nexus community pitching in doing additional plug ins. So some things will come soon and other changes may take a long time. To this date, I've steadily worked on this and will continue to do so as time permits.

Version Notes

V115 - Up Next  (the "Legendary")

Engineers (these are already built and working, just not installed yet)
Prometheus Seed Ship, and Xeno Corruption levels
More Bio helmets 
Weapon Upgrade Kits - sharpen your blades
Legendary biomasks
Legendary Weapon relics ( 4-6 completely new and unique HERO weapons )

Hints and Spoilers

Getting started Faster - read on for Hints and Spoilers!

- There are Yautja books in wizard's desk at DragonsReach Castle, Helgen's keep dungeon, and in a drop pod outside of Helgen keep. These books give Map locations of many dangerous Yautja camps and abandoned drop pod sites.

You can find the starter gear and a small Book in the Helgen keep dungeon. (the tutorial dungeon we all have to run at the start of the game) An imperial officer and a soldier are near a recently dug up dwemer chest in the store room that contains this and more Yautja treasure.

Don't want to play the tutorial? - that's understandable - so that's why - not far off the road that is the exit of the tutorial - there is a drop pod with starter gear and books that grants map way-points in it.

Additional Gear is hidden out in the icebergs and water East/ North East of the Solitude Lighthouse and randomly out in the water or stuck partially in the ice - probably barely visible. There is usually a drop pod in every Yautja Camp. Sometimes random loot gear in DropPods is a repeat.When you are low level - you may have to sneak to get loot - Yautja are very powerful creatures that will kill low level players.

Many of the Predator camps and Xeno locations are given by wizard's Books about the Yautja. Find and read any of these books and 4-5 predator locations will be put on your map.

The Civilized (less hostile tribes) of Yautja live in the ruins of a Derelict ship - located to the far North East Shores of Skyrim.

Locations of (just some of the) hostile NPC predator camps. Beware they are very capable of killing a single low level Yautja or stranger trespassing on sight.

- Ysgramor's tomb (North, North East shore) Savage cave dweller Yautja live here. Warning!  They are particularly EVIL, deadly and fearless.
- Iceberg far, far north of Wreck of the Brinehammer (better swim or water walk)
- Twilight Sepulcher's exterior valley (a small camp)
- Bad Blood Settlement - Extreme North West of all of Skyrim. Easy to find - many Yautja here - and just on the edge of the destroyed Xeno temple.
- random encounter - forest NW of Twilight Sepulchers ( a bit hidden)
- Xenos in the Great NW swamps, south east and across the river from Solitude
- Many old and forgotten drop pods way out in glaciers