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Ports Winston into SkyrimSE

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Mod by Fluff Eisenkette
NSFW Tumblr (best way to know what I'm up to in the world of modding)

The first penguin ever to grace skyrim has come to the Special Edition!

"Fluff, what does Winston do? Can he fight? Can he be married? Why does it not look like an actual penguin?"
Nothing, no, and no, why would you wanna marry a fighting penguin?
Yes, he actually can fight. He'll stand there just tanking for you as he has
1k HP (this might be due to EFF). You still can't marry him.
And cuz "artistic" freedom, cuz i can't make good textures, and cuz there
isn't anything in the game to compare it to :p come to think of it, i
haven't seen an actual penguin mod on the nexus as well, but you can
correct me on that.

Want him to shut up? good luck with that cuz I don't even know how to make it so.

His animations will be a little off, due to me not knowing how to properly
weight paint and cuz its a penguin, they walk weird as it is.

This mod shouldn't introduce, cause any, or have any bugs, cuz really, all
it adds is a talking penguin that does nothing but follow you :p Its
cute, too.


He's in the sleeping giant inn, where we all dump our followers in. can't miss him.


This mod is based off of Pino from A Felicidade and uses the skeleton and weights of the MrMushC from vivc


Future Plans
~Populating the world in various ways with more unique penguins, a plethora of colors maybe.
~Quests based around the penguins
~Penguin sounds instead of human voices
~Proper weighting of the penguin mesh
~More animations


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Recommended Sister Mods/Spinoffs
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Adds a few groups of penguins in the north parts of Skyrim, between Dawnstar
and Windhelm. Penguins are killable and drop consumables.

Curious Birds Mounts and Armies by gg77

Adds purchasable Penguin Eggs which can be used to make an army of tanky Penguins.

Snow Penguins by Canlocu
Retextures the penguins added by Jokerine and my Follower.


Review / Showcase Section


Snow Penguins by Canlocu

Vicn Creature Pack by Vicn
A Felicidade - Breton girl and a Mushroom followers. by atropos46 (cuz why not, it was inspiration)
Penguin Model off of 123D by Autodesk Premium
+++This mod uses a model under a BY-NC-SA Creative Commons License+++
Link to CC license