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Now you know when you've got a disease. Because you can see it. Not because Arcadia opens her trap and tries to sell you some overpriced cures.

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Does it bother anyone else that Skyrim inhabitants seem to have some telepathic diagnostic powers? I don't look sick, I'm not acting sick but every random NPC keeps mouthing off that I should be home in bed. Well, no longer. Now you can look as sick as Arcadia is convinced you are (not a great example, she thinks you have the rattles even when you dont - hard sell much?). Adds visual shaders when you contract a disease. This mod won't change the actual debuffs you get, in fact it doesn't change anything about the disease except the visuals. 

Just a note: my knowledge of Skyrim diseases extends to skimming the wiki. If you don't think that these visuals fit the illness, keep using your imagination instead of this mod. 

Pale skin

Bone Break Fever
Red rash

Necrotising skin

Mottled skin

Dark veins

Infected skin

Your mileage with the skin shaders is going to depend hugely upon which (if any) ENB you're using. The pictures I've added are using Pi-Cho ENB, the effects will usually be more dramatic without an ENB. If you use the amazing Dirt and Blood mod by jaysherpa then you'll want to make sure this mod is loaded afterwards or the dirt will override the disease shaders.

I've also included files for compatibility with:
- iNeed
- Sunhelm
- Last Seed
- RND 2.0

If there's other popular mods that affect disease I'll do patches when I get time, just message or comment to let me know which one you want. Please note that with the disease patches, I haven't included shaders for the additional diseases added by these mods, only the vanilla diseases have shaders at this stage.

I'd like to add animation effects to the diseases and may eventually do so when I get time, this is kind of a WIP but I have the attention span of a three year old and want to move on to other mods right now.