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A display patch for the lovely Telvanni Argonian follower Xelzaz by the equally lovely BluePwnsU.

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  • Mandarin
  • German

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After you've been through opening the museum through whatever start you choose, in order to see Xelzaz's display area you'll need to purchase the appropriate follower room furniture receipt from Sayma at Bits and Pieces.

Please note: If you sort displays with any of Xelzaz's displayable items before purchasing the receipt they will look like they're floating in mid-air. Nothing I can really do about that, sorry.

Don't install things mid-game. Don't remove things mid-game. Don't ask me for permission to have bad modding hygiene.

  • How do I get Xelzaz's Armor?
    • Xelzaz's armor is craftable as replicas, the recipes will appear once you've spoken to him for the first time.
  • Is this compatible with the other follower displays present in the Safehouse?
    • Some of them. Please cross reference your current follower list and make sure that you have no one (or nothing, like a hot tub) else in room B-5.
  • Why isn't there a display for...?
    • Probably because it didn't have a unique model. Feel free to make one for me.
  • Why are my displays floating?
    • You haven't purchased the Follower Room A or B (depending on which version you chose) receipt from Sayma at Bits and Pieces in Solitude. Once you do that the furniture will appear. Unfortunately this could not be avoided.
  • Is this compatible with Safehouse Plus?
    • Yes, as long as you choose to purchase the follower room for room B.
  • What items have displays?
    • The MCM checklist is your friend. "Check" it out!