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Adds variety to enemy werewolf encounters. There are now 25 werewolves and 13 werebears, each leveled at 11 possible ranks for a total of 418 new enemies.

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First off, I highly recommend More Werewolves alongside this. Since enemy werewolves are so uncommon, you will rarely see the effects of this mod without it.
I also highly recommend Moonlight Tales. The designs in this mod come straight from there -- this simply distributes those designs to enemy werewolves (MTSE only effects the player and your summons).

Diverse Werewolves Collection

With this mod active, enemy werewolf spawns (such as in Silver Hand bases or wild encounters) will now have much more variety. Whenever a vanilla werewolf would've been spawned from a leveled list, there are now 38 possibilities (25 werewolves and 13 werebears): 

All 38 creatures come in 11 leveled ranks (consistent with vanilla) for a total of 418 new enemies. However, you may want to look into an encounter zone overhaul such as this mod or MorrowLoot Ultimate, because all Silver Hand bases seem to have very low level caps. (Vanilla Skyrim already had creatures called "Werewolf Skinwalkers" and others, but apparently they never spawn due to level caps.)

Note that Werebears will often spawn where there would've normally been a Werewolf. This is intended, as it adds more variety and allows Werebears to be seen in mainland Skyrim. The lore actually says that Werebears are supposed to be the most common Lycanthrope in Skyrim! So I think it is immersive to find them in Silver Hand bases and the wilderness. (Also note that this mod DOES NOT alter Dragonborn's werebear encounter system, so Solstheim werebears will still be brown. This may change with future updates.)

Werebears have different stats than Werewolves. Comparatively, werebears have higher health and stamina, weaker attack strength, and other combat differences (consistent with vanilla). Vanilla werebears were always at lv.25 -- the ones added by this mod are leveled, just like werewolves.

There are no scripts and the only vanilla records edited are LCharWerewolf and LCharWerewolfBoss. So this is about as safe and low-impact as a mod could possibly be.

Also note that, unlike Diverse Dragons Collection, these creatures do not have unique meshes or abilities. Only the textures are different.

Lastly, I've included a Spawn Removal Menu that can be accessed through SSEEdit if you download the optional file. This allows you to easily remove some of the designs if you don't like them. I haven't included every creature in the removal menu, so if you need more fine-grained control you can use this script.


Just install the mod as usual (with a mod manager, or drag the files into Data) and enable it. The optional Spawn Removal Menu has its own install instructions, found in the included Readme.

To test, "coc gallowsrock01" from the main menu. Run to the room with the caged werewolves ("tgm" toggles god mode so you don't get killed). Two of the werewolves should be different every time you do this.


If you have any other mods that edit the leveled lists for enemy werewolves, make sure DWC is after them in the load order to overwrite (or make a Bashed Patch for full compatibility).
Mods that edit the strengths/abilities of enemy werewolves should work perfectly with my mod.
This is fully compatible with More Werewolves as well as Moonlight Tales Special Edition.


spwned/Brevi - Resources were originally collected and organized by Brevi in his file, Moonlight Tales. Some plugin data from MTSE was used also.

NsJones - Heart of the Beast skin and eye textures.
KrittaKitty - HD Werewolves skin and eye textures.
Fiszi - Big Bad Wolves Skin Pack.
KnErBSE73 - FURTASTIC werebear textures.
Jeremy Hamilton / artifex0 - Natural werewolf skin texture.
Bellyache / wrig675 - Realistic werewolf skin textures. (Parts of the textures were used as base.)

Recommended Files
More Werewolves
Moonlight Tales Special Edition - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul

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