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Explore the lost Dwarven Ruins of Itharzel and hunt down lost custom Aetherium weapons and armours.

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Follow in the steps of an expedition team exploring the ruins of Itharzel, a lost Dwemer city in the rift. On your adventures you will discover lost Aetherium armours, weapons and resources which can be used to improve these weapons and armours. 

Aetherial Armour Set (Levelled)
Aetherial Sword (Levelled) 
Aetherial Bow (Levelled)
Aetherial Greatsword (Levelled)
Aetherial Warhammer (Levelled)
Aetherial Mage Armor
Aetherium Ingot
Raw Aetherium (Ore)
Dwarven Pickaxe

All levelled items can be improved to higher levelled versions at the forge levelled Aetherial artifacts, levels are as follows:
Levels 0-19: Generic/No Special Name
Levels 20-29: Adorned
Levels 30-39: Enriched
Levels 40+: Ascended

To start the mod you can travel to any of the follow inns around Skyrim and find a hiring notice which will start the quest.

Riften - The Bee and Barb
Winterhold - The Frozen Hearth
Windhelm - Candlehearth
Whiterun - The Bannered Mare

or you can start the quest by heading the the excavation site, south of Riften and Crystaldrift Cave.

TheLootist - Level design - quest - creation kit
Archon(Shadow) - Meshes - Armours - Weapons - Creatures
Edhildil - Meshes - Rigging
Mihail - Meshes - Base Meshes
ClearanceClarence - Textures
tumbajamba - Meshes - Aetherial Mage Armor

Ancient Dwemer Metal - My patches for SMIM Dawnguard Dragonborn, patch for Ancient Dwemer Metal,

Bug and Improvement Reports:
EvilCommunistGod, iXanza, RestitutorOrbix, Fishfiend, biohaz1, balladofwindfishes, diskdevl

Please report any conflicts and their severity and they will be added here, thank you!

Nyhus and the border of Cyrodiil
- Mods occupy the same location, still useable without console commands - report from Scotty3001
Cities of the north - Winterhold
- Mod edits the inn making hiring notice in this location inaccessible* - report from ashaantha

* Mod still playable, start quest at different inn or go to the location directly (map/location in screenshot above).

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