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Ever wanted to sit on Farkas's lap but he just keeps blathering on about how he's got the strength of Ysgramor but not a lot going on upstairs? This won't fix the latter but it'll help with the former.

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  • Russian
So you saw my Kaidan lap sitting thing and thought to yourself that all you really wanna be in Skyrim is Santa. Or have Farkas be Santa. Well ho ho ho (now I have a machine gun - No? it remains the best Christmas movie, fight me).

Two main functions, I’m gonna call them:

Be Santa: If you’re sitting, you can ask anyone nearby you to sit on your lap. If they like you (or at least, if they don't actively hate you), they'll do it. Their reply will depend on their relationship rank with you so like, if you punched Nazeem he's not gonna be groovy with playing Santa w/you.

Sit on Santa’s Lap: You can walk up to any NPC who’s sitting and ask to sit on their lap. If they like you, they’ll be cool with it. They may or may not get up and walk away at some point.

Ok nuts and bolts (ie. the bit you should read before dming me your questions/posting in bug reports - btw, petition to change 'bug reports' to 'my mod's unique quirks').

  • The replies are mostly voiced if they’re a vanilla NPC. I didn’t wanna screw around in VASynth so if that particular NPC doesn’t have a voiced reply just read the subtitles. I may or may not get around to including more voices except for Delphine coz I don't like her.

  • This mod has clipping like a mofo. Yes. I know. That’s how I like it. Don’t want it to be too realistic or I’ll walk away from my PC and go looking for Alduin.

  • No, it's rly rly bad, so much clipping. I mean, it'll look best with actors that are relatively similar in size. If you're an Orsimer and thought it'd be fun to sit on a Bosmer's lap, you can, but I dont wanna hear about how your butt is hanging in mid-air and poor Bosmer is flat as a pancake.

  • Can you adjust the actors scale to lower the clipping. Probably. But it would involve maths and I don’t like you enough to maths for you. Maybe someday I'll get around to doing an MCM where you can adjust scale but not today.

  • You can’t ask a kid to sit on your lap. If I get one more DM. Stop being weird.

  • You didn’t mark this as adult, you degenerate. Yeah, I don’t feel like it’s inherently sexual to sit on someone's lap. It’s only sleazy if you make it sleazy. But feel free to report it to Nexus as adult if it offends your delicate sensibilities.

  • The lapsitter/lapsittee is just stuck there. Walk away bro. There’s a proximity check to keep the NPC in place. 

  • FNIS/Nemesis required? Nope.

  • ESL? Yep.

  • Will this work with X sitting animation/custom voiced follower? Yes, but custom voiced followers wont have voiced lines for this. As far as sitting animations, who tf knows. Maybe? Not gonna break anything but might clip a lot.

  • This mod is so amazing I’d like to give you a million dollars to be able to use it. DM me, we’ll work something out. j/k, mods should be free, paywalling only punishes the poor.

Main pic is by laghettogames714, what a total legend. Go check out their mods, endorse them if you use them.