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Adds cow tipping to the game. Inspired by New Vegas.

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No cows were harmed in the making of this mod!

This mod allows the user to tip cows for their own cruel amusement. To do this, all the user has to do is activate any cow whilst sneaking.

-Why did you make this mod?
Because I needed an excuse to learn how to use SPID for an upcoming mod project.

-What the fuck does that have to do with tipping cows?
Because the thing that lets cows get tipped is an ability with a script that is distributed amongst everyone with the race "CowRace"

-Is this compatible with (insert mod here)?
It should be compatible with everything, even mods that add new cows. (Yes, including Dynamic Animal Variants - Mihail Cows Bulls and Calves. You can even tip the calves from the calf plugin!) As I said in response to the last question, the ability is distributed to every NPC with the CowRace. Unless the mod author makes their own race for their custom cows, it should be compatible out-of-the-box.

-Any requirements?

-Is there an animation that plays when you tip cows like in Fallout: New Vegas? 
Nope, they just fall. Use your imagination.


-What's the difference between the normal version and the more force version?
Normal version is a bit more realistic. It's like the cow is being pushed over. The more force sacrificed some realism for a funnier effect by adding a bit more force to the push. See the comparison video in the video tab to view the difference. Download one OR the other.