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Fight for the Empire and look like a boss.

Replaces the Heavy Imperial, Penitus Oculatus and General Tullius armours. Standalone and Heroic Imperial Armor (for Immerive Armors) versions also available

Permissions and credits

This is a texture and mesh replacer for the Heavy Imperial, Penitus Oculatus and General Tulius armors. There is a standalone version as well. 

This mod was inspired by
Ali Bengali's fantastic Perfect Legionnaire mod using the Heroic Imperial Armour meshes created by rahman530 as modified by hothtrooper44 (many thanks for allowing me to use these).


Replacer Versions:


Heavy Imperial Armor (FULL version only)
General Tulius Armor 
Penitus Oculatus 

Standalone Version

Has the same stats as steel.

Optional Textures

This mod originally was developed with a scaled back version of the artwork on the chest (henceforth referred to as finery) for the Imperial Heavy armor. You can opt to download textures with Full Finery in the optional download section.

In order to colour co-ordinate with the Vanilla gear this file includes darkened textures for the Vanilla Heavy Imperial Armor (standalone only),  Gauntlets, Boots, Shields, Heavy Helmets and Imperial Sword. (Basically any heavy imperial armors and Weapons)

These textures come from the Darker Imperial Armor mod by 4killmaster. Thank you!

Boots and Bracers

This just contains altered light and heavy imperial  boots and bracers to reduce clipping around the arms and legs. If you don't want a particular mesh changed simply unpack the archive and delete the meshes you don't want use. Repack into an archive zip or rar archive and reinstall with NMM. (MO users can simply delete the files  directly in the Mods folder)


Install with your mod manager of choice. This mod should overwrite any other mods.

Install any optional files after you have installed a main file.