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This is a lightweight conversion with added sound FX and gameplay changes for KN Cutting Trees made for VR.

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This is a lightweight conversion of KN Cutting Trees for VR. In order to keep it in the background I've made it only active when you have a woodcutters axe equipped, and have made resources unlimited from trees. Things like stumps will also drop wood so long as they have collisions by default which some do not.

Initially you would only have SFX from Cutting Trees if you have world sounds enabled in VR, which is an incredibly broken setting. I've implemented SFX into the existing mod design instead, and made the SFX rather than using default combat sounds.


This mod will affect any trees changed by mods so long as they do not add new forms. If you do wish to make a compatibility patch all that is needed is to add the trees to the mods formlist. You can also add other weapons to use on trees via the same method. I've included a patch for Myrkvior which is a good example.


If you have any issues try holstering and unholstering your axe again. Each time you do this it will activate nearby trees to be chopped, this is done for performance reasons rather than trying to make every tree in the world a candidate for chopping immediately. If you travel a long ways with your axe unholstered you may or may not need to holster and unholster again.

Special thanks to Kingnak for the original mod.