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Adds compatibility to Touring Carriages for VR players using VRIK / HIGGS / Be Seated. Requires original Touring Carriages mod.

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This mod fixes two issues with Touring Carriages in VR:

  • Player hovering above cart when VRIK is enabled
  • Hides the spinning camera upon cart exit with a 'Fade to Black' image modifier and greatly reduces the time it takes to regain control over the player character.

The mod also disables HIGGS for the duration of the carriage ride to prevent the player from HIGGS grabbing the carriage and over turning it and adds support for Be Seated's immersive sitting feature.

No assets from the original 'Touring Carriages' mod were modfied to create this patch and none of its assets are included in this mod. You will need both 'Touring Carriages' and 'Papyrus Extender VR' in order for this fix to operate correctly. Pay close attention to the Papyrus Extender VR requirements.

This mod does not change any other features of 'Touring Carriages' outside of the players entry and exiting of carriages.

Note: The players body is hidden during the cart ride, this is due to the body flickering / jerking around caused by how the game handles cart rides.

  • Install the original 'Touring Carriages' mod
  • Install this mods dependencies paying close attention to their requirements
  • Install this mod.
  • Enjoy!

Note: ENBs which disable 'Fade to Black' image modifiers are not compatible with this mod.

Note 2:
This Mod is not compatible with the mod 'VRIK Actions'. VRIK Actions uses a foolishly broad approach to disable certain VRIK functionality based on nothing more than the players controls being disabled. Due to the nature of VRIK Actions 'all inclusive' code it breaks certain aspects of this mod and others. After reaching out to the author of VRIK Actions and reaching an impasse my only option has been to ensure that Touring Carriages VR Fix will warn you if 'VRIK Actions' is found in your load order and disable it before any damage is caused.

Here is a video which demonstrates some of the issues 'VRIK Actions' introduces into mods which disable the player controls (BeSeated in this instance), regretably in the case of 'Touring Carriages' the adverse effects of 'VRIK Actions' are not visible but will damage your game, do not use them together, I will not be providing support to anyone who decides to circumvent any fixes I put in place to prevent 'VRIK Actions' from damaging this mod and peoples games.