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This mod makes the 'Perform' power you get from Ordinator Speechcraft tree more immersive by adding an equippable lute utilized in your performance.

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This mod is for fellow bard roleplayers who took the 'Perform' perk and were disappointed that the lute comes out of nowhere. Now you have your own lute and you can carry it on your back.

Here's a short overview of the changes I did:

  • Added an equipable lute to the game called 'Bard's Lute'.
  • There are two 'Perform' powers in Ordinator. One is granted by the 'Performer' perk (greater) and another one (lesser) replaces it when you take the 'Encore' perk. 'Perform' power granted by the 'Performer' perk is now also a lesser power. Failing any checks before starting the performance won't put it on 24h cooldown anymore. I left both powers in the plugin for obvious compatibility reasons.
  • 'Performer': it now additionally grants you an equippable lute and ability to craft it at forge.
  • Both 'Perform' powers now require a lute to be equipped.
  • Starting the performance now automatically unequips the lute and reequips it back after.
  • You will get a 'Tired' debuff after performing which will prevent you from another performance for 1.5h. Taking the 'Encore' perk will now allow you to ignore the debuff and performing won't put it on you anymore. 


Ordinator 8.16+: This mod obviously requires Ordinator and won't work without it.


Install via NMM/MO or manually and activate ImmersivePerformance_Ordinator.esp.
Make sure the plugin is loaded after Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
If using MO the mod in the left pane should be placed after Ordinator.


Same compatibility as Ordinator. This mod doesn't make any dramatic changes.

Known issues

Uncolored machine heads on the default lute texture. Thanks Bethesda.

Some clipping occurs (usually on female characters) during the default playing animations. Thanks Bethesda.

Equippable lutes won't look good together with equipment on the back including backpacks, bows and quivers. Bows, quivers and backpacks occupy the same place on the back of your character. Making lutes not so close to your back will fix this but will introduce weird gaps when you have no bows/quiver/backpack equipped.


Q: How to get an equippable lute?
A: Taking the 'Performer' perk will grant you a lute if you don't have it already in your inventory.
If you've already taken the perk before installing this mod you can craft 'Bard's Lute' at any forge in the 'Miscellaneous' section.


EnaiSiaion for Ordinator