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NPCs react to player's touch.

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Mod receives CBPC collision events made by player and does appropriate reaction.


Negative reactions

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- install CBPC VR v1.5.1+ and ensure that it works
- install CBPC Action Reaction Main, load order shouldn't matter
- download CBPC More Haptics manually, copy CBPCMasterConfigAR.txt into SkyrimVR\Data\SKSE\Plugins\ folder.
Next DON'T OVERWRITE but insert additions from provided CBPCollisionConfig into your existing SkyrimVR\Data\SKSE\Plugins\CBPCollisionConfig.txt. Additions are between START->END comments.
-'If you are using MO2, open your CBPC folder from MO2:
Right click on the mod on the left side of MO2.
Press "Open in Explorer".
That will open the folder with the files in. You'll see SKSE\Plugins folders there and inside all the config files from it.
If you are using another mod like 3BA-BHUNP etc. that overwrites its
config files, you need to do this on that mod entry instead.'
These are the same configs as in More haptics CBPC VR config mod, i added them here for convenience.
This step is required for full body collision detection, without it only BBP collision will be detected.
- start game, mod will start working ~20 seconds after loading a save and display notification that it is initialized
- have fun:)


- mod was designed with Flower Girls and Amorous Adventures Plus in mind. It should recognize if they are running and prevent negative reactions from actors in scenes, lovers and spouse. Same goes for SexLab actors in scenes.
- by default after few warnings NPCs will send trespass alarm if they are a member of crime faction. Warnings are 'forgotten' and set to 0 after loading a save.
- if Papyrus Util is installed NPCs will avoid player after two warnings
- wenches and teammates are a bit more tolerant to player's actions while guards are less
- PLANCK is not required but highly recommended to complement this mod. To minimize overlap with PLANCK v0.3+ there is a MCM setting that will enable negative reactions only for BBP nodes.
- you can tweak minimum collision duration for touch event to be registered to your liking with MinimumCollisionDuration setting in CBPCPlayerCollisionEventConfig.txt. Default is 0.3 seconds.
- by design CBPC treats thighs and calves as female only nodes. To get collision detection there for men set MalePhysics=1 in CBPCMasterConfig.txt
- some unique NPCs don't have generic dialogue and will have no dialogue response. But they will still react, make expressions and avoid player. I already covered most of them by v1.05.
- settings can be tweaked with MCM.


Shizof for CBPC and helping me to improve this mod.
DanRuta for xVASynth.