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A full-scale overhaul of skyrim's enemies featuring new spells, new names, new AI and new combat tactics.

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Advanced Adversary Encounters Ultimate SSE

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The sequel to the standard Advanced Adversary Encounters

AAE Ultimate has been completely remade and is now a script free, highly advanced full-scale overhaul of Skyrim's enemies featuring some new spells, new names, new AI and new combat tactics for many of Skyrim's foes.

About the modification
This mod changes a lot of things related to enemies including, (but not limited) to Bandits, Mages, Vampires, Werewolves, Draugr, Daedra, Witches, Forsworn, Falmer, Giants and Dragon Priests with a few alterations here and there to various animals to provide a more immersive and exciting experience.

Featuring a plethora of changes including...

 Redone enemies
Enemies now have much higher level scaling than before, including new lore-friendly perks and abilities. For example Witches will now summon spriggans and use Poisonous spells to their advantage, Thalmor will try to Subdue their foes by way of Paralysis, while vampires can use hand to hand combat, as well as summon gargoyles, and even morph into a swarm of bats while in combat. Werewolves are capable of fearing and disarming enemies, but are weak to poison. Dragon Priests are truly terrifying encounters, against whom you may require backup to defeat. Several unique enemies have also been tweaked to serve as mini-bosses, such as Red Eagle, Vahlok the Jailor, and Movarth Piquine, so be sure to never engage one unless you are truly prepared.

Enemies possess unique resistances to weapons
Ghosts are 95% resistant to any weapon that is not made of Silver or is not of Daedric and Aedric origin. Skeletons are also extremely resistant to arrows. Automatons are highly resistant to bladed weapons, and their elemental resistances now actually make sense, so they are practically immune to shock spells, while ice spells will harm them greatly, and fire, not so much.

New Load Screens
The new load screens compliment the new enemy changes, while providing tips and details on how to defeat them.

New melee effects
Various large enemies, including Giants, Mammoths, Bears, Sabre Cats, Trolls and more! Don't let a mammoth near you, or your humanoid frame will be crushed under the weight of such an animal.

A few items tweaked for balance
 Some Items have been altered to better assist when dealing with these tougher enemies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What happened to the new mage types from earlier versions?
A. As for the elemental mages, if you wish to see them in your game then I suggest you take a look at "Elemental Destruction Magic" as it features Hydromancers, Aeromancers and Geomancers.

Q. Why do you mention vampires so much?
A. I like vampires do u have a problem with that? besides I used them as a prime example thats why I mentioned them a lot, they also took a lot of work to make.

Q. Some of these attacks looks familiar?
A. Visually some abilities do look similar to an ability in another mod but these spells are not the same infact they function completely different, FWI I did make the visuals of the spell from scratch only then did I realize that it looks so similar to that ability, I'm looking at you "Soul Shield"

Q. Is this mod difficult at all for my playstyle?
A. Yes and No, that depends on what your playstyle is, some enemies may be easier to kill as a warrior but harder to kill as a mage while others may be easier to kill as a mage but much harder to kill as a warrior, I have tried to grant ways for numerous playstyles to beable to do combat against the new advanced AI that the enemies now possess.

Q. Is this mod hard?
A. Define Hard...If you mean will the odds of an enemy killing you increase over vanilla then yes, If you mean will this mod make legendary look like childs play then no, AAE is not intended to make the game impossible, or even hard for that matter, infact the combat is fairly well balanced and has a great scaling system from what I hear, what is intended is to make the combat feel more immersive and have it require far more preparation and tactical thinking and if you still find it too difficult then tough luck.

Q. Anyway Is this compatible with this mod?
A. If you mean Revenge of the Enemies then NO, it is an enemy overhaul and this is an enemy overhaul mod, they cannot occupy the same, besides AAE is more balanced and features unique resistances where as the other enemy overhauls do not.

Q. What about Requiem, PerMa and SkyRe?
A. Requiem probably not, PerMa yes you will just need to reproc and the same with SkyRe.

Q. I like you will you be my friend?
A. Sure why not just add me as a friend.

Q.I don't like you!!
A. Well I don't like you either, I don't like your face infact I doubt anyone does.

Q. This mod made my game crash...RAGEQUIT AGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A. No it didn't, you did.

Patches for AAE Ultimate can be found here