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Changes the static clutter into dynamic clutter, and adds Whiterun guard faction ownership to all clutter, so they must be stolen to be taken. Plus a few other clutter enhancements...

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I love Fortified Whiterun, but I thought it'd be more immersive if I...
  • Swapped all static clutter to the appropriate dynamic clutter - static books to readable books, static shield to actual shield, etc. 
  • Added every piece of dynamic clutter and container to the GuardFactionSolitude, so you can't just freely take things from the guard posts, you'll need to steal them if you want them.
  • Removed any crossbows laying around - they don't make sense here (unless u have mods that add crossbows from the start I suppose)
  • Swapped a few non-lore friendly items (Dark Elf table for a common table, etc)
  • Swapped to a better vanilla texture form the big bell
  • ESL flagged plugin

I play a pretty heavily modded game and couldn't find any conflicts, let me know if you do.


skyfall515 for Fortified Whiterun

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