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A friendly and immersive retexture of the two moons of the Nirn of Skyrim, Secunda and Masser

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The Lore tell that the Nirn has two moons Secunda and Masser 
Masser is the biggest of the two and it's Red (or blood red)
Secunda is smaller and its orbit is around Masser, pratically Secunda is the moon of Masser

the legend want that Lorkhan "the missing God" has been divided in two part during his distruction
the two parts are Masser and Secunda and their symbolism is the dualism between this two half related to the creation of life,
reason khajiiti are praising this two moons.

This is a complete retexture of the two moons, i've used 2 real planets (Venus and Mercury) and reworked, Masser comes with a vivid blood red color, Secunda has two variation, one is yellow and green the other blue and violet, is it possible that in the future a will try some other variation also with different planets and colors

IF you wanna complete your custom experience of the sky of skyrim for SE, with different stars and galaxies,
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Install and overwrite if asked with your manager or manually! 


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