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I usually do silly mods that just make me laugh. This was my first attempt at creating a serious lore friendly and immersive Skyrim mod. Because someone had already beat me to the Big Head Mode for that game. So anyway, I just ported my Skyrim version of this mod  to SSE because, well, it's so damn immersive that someone was bound to do it.

It does the following:

Makes all skeletons "female"
Makes them use default female human animations and behaviors
Includes a bonus female skeleton follower named "Sissy" for further immersion

What is included:

a single small esp file (form 44)
Animations are NOT included, you will need to download or port mods to get the walking, pose and idle animations seen in the screenshots. This will get you started Victorias High Heel walk Animation

About Sissy:

Unique, essential, marriageable, combat spellsword stats, Female Sultry (what do you need, handsome?) voice. She does the standard Draugr unrelenting force shout.
Location - Whiterun Hall Of The Dead, of course



Mod is supplied as is, where is. Can be used for any purpose whatsoever, but hopefully to inspire more mods that have sexy, immersive, and/or lore-friendly in the titles.

Other stuff:

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