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A custom mage follower called Stiora and Idgrod The Younger Replacer also making Idgrod a possible follower and marriage candidate
Replacer also available for Serana
All files are ESL flagged

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Stiora is a nord mage specializing in a variety of levelled spells including shock and fire spells. She can spawn two atronachs in combat and will also heal the player once their health drops low enough. 
She lives in a room in the College of Winterhold and will go on about her daily routine when not following the player. On the weekends she will go on walks around the area of Winterhold and visit the tavern. It adds another character to make Winterhold and the college just a bit more lively.
She can be married. 
Her body is a 3BA body, she uses Bijin Skin and her weight is 30, or you can download version which uses your own body mesh and skin textures.

Idgrod can now be married and become a follower after completing her delivery quest.
She uses the same 3BA body as Stiora.

There may be a glitch with her delivery quest where the dialogue to start the quest will not show up. To work around that type into console "player.setrelationshiprank (her ID) 1"

If you find any problems let me know
Feel free to comment if you would like to see her as a replacer for another npc
I would love if you could post some in game screenshots of her as I would be very interested to see how she looks in your game

For the screenshots I used:

Rudy ENB, Pi-Cho and Custom Light

Everything I do is available for free to everyone here on Nexus but I would be very thankful if you would like to support me and my work on my Patreon.