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Provides immersion tweaks for Moon and Star by using assets from Bethesda official contents and maintain consistency with Creation Club.

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Moon and Star by GanXingpa is a short but sweet and very polished quest mod that brought some Morrowind nostalgia to Skyrim. As the mod was made years before the release of Creation Club contents, there are now some conflicting lore and items between the mod and the CC contents, which can be bothersome to immersion. With this small add-on for the mod, I hope to improve this immersion problem by separating Moon and Star items from CC items and make use of the new assets from CC for better art and consistency.

- "The Criminal" now wears the Indoril armor set from Ghosts of the Tribunal. This armor set is unobtainable and have the same stat as the armor from the original mod.
- Trueflame and Hopesfire use its model from Ghosts of the Tribunal. To separate them from CC, these items are now unobtainable.
- The replica of Sunder and Wraithguard use its new model from CC Sunder & Wraithguard. Of course they are still just replica.
- Chrysamere from the mod is now called Blade of the Nerevarine, its model and effect from the mod are still being retained, but its description was changed to avoid the mentioning of Chrysamere.
- Similar to Chrysamere, Bow of Shadows from the mod is now Bow of the Nerevarine.
- Mandyn Hlaalu and Morag Tong Assassin are equipped with Chitin armor to be consistent with Dragonborn DLC.
- Bal-Ran equip Netch Leather armor from CC, this is simply to make better use of the CC and more Morrowind nostalgia!
- The Dunmer of Little Vivec (except Selyse) now wear Dunmer clothes from Dragonborn DLC. It is only appropriate that these Dunmer should proudly wear their traditional clothes in their own Dunmer settlement.
- A fishing spot on the dock behind Selyse's shop (enjoy the view!).
- ESL-flagged.

Moon and Star
Ghosts of the Tribunal
Netch Leather Armor
Sunder and Wraithguard

GanXingba for the great original mod.
Bethesda Game Studios for Creation Club contents.

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