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Missing in Action is a mess in both writing and gameplay. I added a extra condition to start the quest so that at least you have to be the Dragonborn to see the scene in Whiterun's market.

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Missing In Action is that quest in Whiterun that you can be a new created character that just arrived in the city and decided to have a drink at the inn, then out of the blue this woman is arguing with two men, and since you are curious enough to ask what in Oblivion is happening, she then decides that is a good idea to ask you to break into the house of the most powerful clan in Whiterun in search of a hypothetical proof. So then you can go and break into a prison, belonging to the most powerful faction in Tamriel at the current events, to then get rewarded with a iron dagger, or something.
Because obviously the reward you deserve for doing all this is getting something based on your level, right?

I don't if it is just me or what, but I find this quest is absolutely awful in every possible way, so I created this mod to make it less... awful.

Basically all I did was to add a condition to when you'll see the little scene in the market. The new requirement is to be the Dragonborn and to have already visited the Greybeards and started the quest the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller.

I think it makes a little more sense because now you are the Dragonborn, a hero, and a hero likes to help people, right?
Is better then being a LV1 dude who just arrived in Whiterun or something.

Update: Second file is for those who prefer the quest to be based on Level, instead of being the Dragonborn.
Download only one of the files, not both.

Compatible with : The Choice is Yours.
ESL flagged.