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A heavy armor set with addtional mace to match the Targe of the Blooded. Available for both genders, weights and races. Enchanted and not enchanted versions of the armor + optonal file with HD textures.

Permissions and credits
Original mod author is GuitunScarfin. He currently retired from creating armors for now. He is no longer supporting this mod. He gave his permission to anyone who wishes to use his resources for any mod or purpose, provided you give him proper credit and link to his original Blooded heavy armor mod. If you like his work, leave a comment with your gratitude on the original mod page.



"Created to match the Targe of the Blooded, with its own enchantments (listed on one of the images above, UNENCHANTED version also forgeable) another legacy of the skooma loving Skyforge reject, Ulag. ( you'll know what I mean if you've downloaded my previous mod Apotheus Light Armor or If you have encountered it in the Immersive Armor mod by Hothtrooper)

Whiterun, being the trade hub of Skyrim, Sulla and Umana had to make a stop here to stock up on supplies. And by fate, good or bad, I leave it to your judgement, Umana has crossed paths with the stoned Orc, in her search for Eorlund, wanting to have her father's old armor reworked and fit for battle. The rest of the story is for you to find out.

YOU CAN SKIP THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ ME BABBLING ABOUT MY CREATIVE REASONING FOR THE ARMOR DESIGN. Now I don't really expect this armor to be all that popular, most folks like to be heavily embroidered or half naked looking to lose their anal virginity. Its all a matter of taste. Personally, I like my armors to be practical, functional, and not too much of a show off. I mean you're going to be adventuring in a cold, dangerous, mountainous land, covered in dense and dark vegetation, littered with caves and ruins, constantly raided by thugs, bandits, assasins, evil cults, giants, vampires, yadah yadah blah blah blah.. DRAGONS!!! and you go out looking all fancy and shiny. I can admire intricate looking armory, but it just comes to me as some one who is either a noble who'd be too worried about getting scratches or a royal guard, who should be back at his post guarding the King's outhouse. It just doesn't seem practical for a guy constantly trudging into the wilderness and picking fights with everything that moves. You'd end up with an armor that constantly needs maintenance. That would mean spending most of the day, polishing that cute little floral pattern on your cod piece before you can even save the day, or destroy it, if being an evil overlord is more your thing. 

Anyway, enough of my rant, now for the function and idea for this armor. As the initial description I obviously created this specially with the shield bashing play style in mind, and for people who love using or giving the Targe of the Blooded to a follower but has a hard time finding a matching armor. Most parts of the armor has an immersive purpose in mind, the spiked left pauldron is for guarding the exposed shoulder while keeping the left forearm unhindered to raise and bash the shield against the enemy, but also having a bracer for archery purposes as well. A heavily guarded striking arm, with rows of steel studs to deflect blows away, being slanted and all. Of course a back and chest-piece to protect the vital organs, a lower back plate to protect the lower spine and if you feel like it, added support for proper posture :p I guess pretty much everything else is self explanatory from here. Wow you actually read this far? You're one of those most likely to endorse this, so thank you in advance and hope you enjoy my mod.

Thanks to hothtrooper for the bit of help he gave me. Hope I can refine this in time for IA7."




Download and install via NMM or download manually and extract the Data folder unto your main SKyrim folder (usually "C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonSkyrim").


- Any mod that touches Umana's inventory and dunAlftandUmanaOutfit.
- Any mod that touches dunTargeOfTheBloodedPerk


The enchanted armor can be found equipped by Umana, in Alftand. Along with a letter from Eorlund and Armor notes by Ulag

An Unenchanted Version can be crafted at the Skyforge under the Steel Tier along with an improved version of the Targe of the Blooded using the original one, with better stats and added enchantment. All these, provided you have the Advanced Armor Perk and Ulag's notes for Umana in your inventory.

The mace however retains its unique abilities and cannot be enchanted. Being faster than a sword, I believe, it balances out as soon as you complete the Bone Breaker perk (Having a fast swinging weapon that ignores 75% armor).

The hooded version of the helm, both enchanted and unenchanted, can be forged using their hoodless version and a piece of leather, removing the spikes.

If you've already finished alftland or don't want to go through all that trouble going there yet for whatever reason, there's always the console. Simply type "help ulag" to get the notebook ID code and start forging, or type "help blooded" scroll up and get the ID codes of each armor piece. The ones with the "the" i.e. The Blooded Helm, are the enchanted ones, and the ones without are the disenchanted and free to be enchanted normally in game.


Most of the armor parts have atleast 3 enchantments. look at the list from one of the images above. Reflect melee damage is constant. The 20% movement increase takes effect during combat, I believe it takes effect the same moment the battle music plays, and disappears once the fight is over either by the death of every hostile nearby, or simply surrendering to the guards.

Armor & Weapon Stats as of v1.5: >>>Check UESP for comparison<<<
(Legend AR = Armor Rating | DR = Damage Rating | ENCH = Enchantment)

AR = 20 | WEIGHT = 5
ENCH = Reflect 5% melee damage, and 25% articulation when wearing complete armor set (shield and/or mace not counted).

Hooded Helmet
AR = 25 | WEIGHT = 7.5
ENCH = Improve Archery by 30 and 25% articulation when wearing complete armor set (shield and/or mace not counted)..

AR = 40 | WEIGHT = 42.5
ENCH = Reflect 5% melee damage, 25% faster healing rate, and improve heavy armor by 25

AR = 10 | WEIGHT = 2.5
ENCH = improve onehanded by 30, imrpove block by 30, and 15 unarmed damage.

AR = 15 | WEIGHT = 10
ENCH = Reflect 5% melee damage, 25% faster stamina regen, and 20% faster movement in combat (does not affect attack speed).

Improved Targe
AR = 25 | WEIGHT = 10
ENCH = 5 bleed damage over 5sec, and 25% faster stamina regen.

DR = 15 | WEIGHT = 10
ENCH = Cannot be enchanted. Swings faster than a sword (Swing speed of maces in game are 0.8, axes are 0.9, swords are is 1.0, daggers are 1.3. the Blooded mace is set to 1.1)


Version 1beta

- initial release.

Version 1.1beta

- changed fortify health to fortify armor by 25 in the enchanted version of the cuirass (EDIT: but forgot to change the armor description..DAMN IT! i'll do it on the next major update)
- ticked off the long hair, so it wont show and clip when wearing the helmet. (sorry, that was a major mistake i had to change asap).

Version 1.2

- Made a customized version of the Reflect Blows perk which I originaly used for the enchantment and replaced it in case other mods might try to alter that perk, for compatibility purposes.
- Made changes to enchantments (view one of the images for details).
- Made some edits with the textures, mostly with the UV normals, miniscule detail mistakes.
- Fixed invenotry mesh for the cuirass to be completely black at the bottom.
- Added Argonian helm.
- Added a Hooded version of the helm, both enchanted and unenchanted, that can be forged using their hoodless version and a piece of leather, removing the spikes.
- Unenchanted version of armor no longer needs fire and frost salts to temper.

Version 1.3

- Made "Ulag's notes for Umana" unsellable. So as not to accidentally sell it to a merchant.
- Made some more texture and UV texture edits/refinement and corrections out of OC in preparation for uploading Ultra hires textures (semi-overhaul of the steel parts, enhancements of leather parts and slightly desaturated and darkened the purple of the cloth, made engravings and scratches thinner like they were supposed to be).
- Ultra high resolution textures now available that are 2x the original size of the textures I made, highest resolution is the body at 4096x4096, helms, hoods, boots and mace at 2048x2048, and gloves at 1024x1024.

Version 1.4

- Mesh Fixes:
> Weights on the meshes underarm areas to eliminate the awful chaotic distortion when stretching.
> Left boob plate clipping trough leather strap on female mesh.
- Slight and final texture tweaks.
- Lowered the combat movement speed bonus of the boots from 50% to 25% (50% felt too much and most of the time hard to accurately hit enemies while moving in 3rdPV).
- Increased the base damage of the mace from 13 to 15.

Version 1.5
- Rebalanced stats, see above in the DETAILS section.
- Texture and UV tweaks (added slight abdominal contour/form on the cuirass, belt leather part now has 2 levels instead of 3 to better match the width of larger leather straps).